Uther Period


[485, 486, 487, 488, 489, 490, 491, 492, 493, 494, 495]


  • Court is held at Leicester, in Lindsey.
  • A thousand Saxons, led by Aethelswith land to reinforce King Hengist.
  • Uther Pendragon summons his army to Salisbury in early summer.
  • Some of Uther’s vassals don’t not show up for the muster, the most prominent being Duke Gorlois of Cornwall.
  • Battle of Mearcred Creek, Sussex: Uther attacks King Aele. The battle is indecisive.
  • Battle of Colchester: King Aethelswith sails from Kent with his continental army and many warriors from King Hengest. They land near Maldon and pillage widely until Duke Lucius musters his army and meets them south of Colchester. The Saxons prevail and the duke retreats to Colchester. British refugees flee into the Quinqueroi Forest but are pursued and enslaved by the hundreds.


  • Court is held at Windsor.
  • Merlin retrieves Excalibur, the Sword of Victory, with the aid of certain brave, found knights in the [[Adventure of Sword Lake].
  • Prince Madoc seeks revenge for the losses Colchester and Maldon, and organizes raiding parties against the Saxons
  • King Claudas of the Franks conquers Soissons, the last Roman outpost in Western Europe. Praetor Syagrius asks for Uther’s help in recovering his lands at Soissons. Worried about is own lands Uther is unable to help.
  • Caerwent is raided.



  • Court is held at Winchester.
  • Madoc goes to Frankland and defeats the saxon army, he does not save Preator Syagrius Paris as promised by the king.
  • Praetor Syagrius is defeated by King Claudas.
  • Adventure of the Water Leapers (the Basilisk Knight returns)
  • Rheged, Catterick and Northumberland are raided.


  • Court is held at Cirencester.
  • A new Saxon army, led by Octa and Eosa “the Giant” pillages Malahaut and besieges Eburacum. Duke Lindsey manages to keep them out of Logres.
  • Roestoc is raided. Northumberland is pillaged.
  • Adventure of Excalibur’s Peace (the Cheese war)


  • Court is held at Warwick, Wuerensis.
  • The two Saxon kings, Octa and Eosa, harry the forces of the High King, hoping to capture Excalibur.
  • The Battle of Lindsey results in a decisive victor for Uther. Octa and Eosa are captured and imprisoned. At the great victory feats afterward, Uther lays eyes on Duke Gorlois’ wife, Ygraine, for the first time. The angry Duke departs in the middle of the night, without the King’s leave. The King is furious.
  • Adventure of The King’s Progress
  • Adventure of Retaliation
  • Adventure of Prisoner of Courtesy


  • Court is held at London.
  • Another fleet of Saxons lands in the south.
  • Old King Hengest of Kent dies in bed.
  • King Uther marches on Cornwall, besieging both Tintagel and Terrabil.
  • Gorlois is killed in the battle, but so is Maddoc, the Crown Prince.
  • Madoc is buried at Stonehenge.
  • Uther marries Ygraine.
  • Hampshire is plundered.



  • Court is held at Silchester.
  • The two northern Saxon kings, Octa and Eosa, escape from their prison.
  • Reports come in of great rejoicing among the Saxons, and of many volunteers moving towards the escaped kings’ strongholds.
  • Adventure of the Guardian Beast
  • Adventure of the Irish Raid
  • Catterick is raided.
  • Malahaut is pillaged.
  • The Skirmish of Tresmorne.


  • Court is held at London.
  • The Saxons come south. When Lincoln is attacked, Duke Lindsey and every other nobleman shut themselves into their castles and cities while the Saxons ravage the countryside.
  • Adventure of the Embassy to Estregales
  • Bedegraine, Lambor, and Lonazep are raided.
  • Lindsey is plundered.


Uther Period

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