Roman Period





  • Battle of Carlion, the knights of Briton repel Saxon invaders.
  • Ysgaran is born late in the winter, he barely survives the first year.


  • Constantin is murdered by one of his own guards.




  • The Battle of Lincoln: Vortigern, together with the Saxon kings Hengest and Horsa, win a great victory against the Picts.


  • Rome is sacked by the Vandals. The Western Empire is finished.


  • Ostensibly to bring peace to all sides, Vortigern and Hengest call a council of all combatants to meet at Stonehenge for a feast of peace. Seeking reconciliation, almost all British knights attend. The Saxons prove their worth through great treachery, though, and the majority of the nobles of Britain are slain in the “Night of Long Knives.” In the subsequent confusion, a large part of their armies are dispersed or slain.
  • The Earl of Salisbury is among the dead.
  • Ser Gaharet is among the dead.



  • Aurelius Ambrosius and his army pursue Vortigern and besiege him in his new castle on Mount Snowdon. A battle ensues, at which Vortigern is killed and his army scattered.
  • Aurelius Ambrosius summons the High Council, and they elect him High King. He takes the title of Pendragon (“high dragon” or “head dragon”), derived from his great battle banner.


  • The Saxon king, Aele, lands in southern Britain with a large army and takes over the area. Many of the peasants flee, but others are captured and enslaved. Ælle renames the land South Saxony, or Sussex.


  • Battle of Salisbury: An army of Saxons sails up the Port River into Salisbury County. While planning for the battle, Aurelius Ambrosius is poisoned by a false doctor. Despite his illness, Ambrosius marches with Uther against the enemy, whom they meet at Menevia. Ambrosius confronts the foe while Uther takes his army around to the Saxons’ rear and cuts them off from their ships, attacking them with great vigor.
  • It is a great victory for the British, but Ambrosius is killed in the fighting. He is interred with great ceremony and sorrow in the Giants’ Dance (Stonehenge). Afterward, the High Council meets and unanimously elects Uther to be the new Pendragon.
  • Ysgaran is wounded in battle, and dies during the winter, he is buried by his brother Gilbert in Tisbury.


  • Battle of Eburacum: Another wave of Saxons arrives by boat and settles in the land of Diera. Aided by the Saxons in Britain and some rebellious northern Britons, they attack in the land of Malahaut. Their army defeats the northern defenders, then lays siege to the city of Eburacum (York). King Uther raises his army and hastens northward to join battle. However, King Uther, anxious to relieve the sorry inhabitants of Eburacum, is drawn into a trap and fights a desperate battle, from which he barely escapes with great loss.
  • Battle of Mt. Damen: With the battered remnants of his army, Uther sneaks north under cover of darkness, and, with some additional sorcerous help from Merlin the Magician, falls upon the celebrating Saxons who are drunk on both victory and ale.
  • The Saxons are slaughtered and Uther claims a great victory.
  • Merlin takes his leave to recover from his exertions on behalf of the king
  • Adventure of the Hunt
  • Adventure of The Questing Beast
  • A small skirmish of mercenary knights, led under Sir Cador the Mercenary, raids the Irish coast. Cynrain and Nidian joins the raids and manages to capture Egan, son of an Irish chieftain. The ransom is nearly £150.

Roman Period

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