Boy King Period



  • The New Year Tournament continues
  • The twelfth night ceremony takes place, King Leodegrance is “crowned” as king of the bean together with the “queen” Marion the Hind
  • Arthur draws the sword from the stone for the first time, a few fanatical men swears fealty
  • The ten best knights in Logres are chosen by Merlin and Dubricus to stand guard over the sword and the the young boy, they in turn choose 10 knights to stand with them
  • Arthur draws the sword from the stone for the second time, several loyal men swears fealty
  • Arthur draws the sword from the stone for the third time, many men swears fealty
  • Arthur draws the sword from the stone for the fouth time and is knighted by Sir Branan the Blessed and crowned king of Logres in a ceremony with the Archbishop Dubricus, the rest of Logres lords swear fealty reluctantly
  • The battle of Carlion
  • The grand council gathers and elects King Arthur as the High King of Britain
  • Envoys are sent to King [[Ban & Bors]] for aid against the rebellion, the envoys are attacked by a small french raiding party
  • The battle of Bedegraine (day 1 & day 2)
  • Earl Sanam’s Court
  • Battle of Carohase
  • Logres is raided
  • Escavalon and Cameliard is Pillaged
  • Saxons invade Garloth but is held back by Lot’s forces
  • High King Arthur starts talking about what makes a knight good


  • Arthur’s court his held in Carlion
  • Earl Robert court is held in Sarum Rock
  • Queen Margawse visits her mother in Amesbury abbey, and spends a day in Winterbourne Earl with her sons
  • Queen Margawse visits Carlion during the summer
  • Queen Margawse leaves Carlion, clearly pregnant
  • Elwain family holds court in Winterbourne Earls, Carangeir the Pagan is decided to be the head of the family by a clear majority.
  • Sir Cian the Pup is found dead in a pile of snow with his young squire trying to keep him warm.
  • High King Arthur declares that chivalry is the highest form of knighthood.
  • The brown knight of the Wilds spends the winter Arthur’s court, discussing chivalry


  • Arthur’s court his held in Silchester
  • Earl Robert court is held in Sarum Rock
  • Arthur is proven to be the son of Uther Pendragon
  • King Arthur disappears during the night
  • King Pellinore defeats Arthur in a duel, destroying the sword in the stone in the process
  • Pellinore hunts this creature with an undying passion, and has only taken a break because the creature has lost him. As usual, it eventually works its way back to lure the king again to the hunt.
  • Arthur return to court. There he reveals his deeds and reveals the reclaimed Sword of Victory, much to the acclaim of all. Men marvel that they have a king so brave that he would go on an adventure to prove the worth of his court. Many knights are shamed, and secretly make vows that they
  • A damsel shows up at court, brandishing a sword (most unseemly!). She seeks a knight who can draw the sword, for it is said that it may be unsheathed only by the best of knights. Many knights tries to draw the sword but fails.
  • A young knight draws the sword, but refuses to return it upon the domosels request. She curses him and leaves
  • Lady Nineve, a lady of the lake comes to court and demands that Arthur gives her the head of the damsel with the sword, and the knight who drew it because she helped her get Excalibur. Arthur refuses.
  • A knight with two swords and clad in armor in court kills Nineve
    Arthur is furious and orderes a hunt of the Knight of two Swords. A young squire reaches him, but is killed in battle.
  • Sir Lanceor, one of the best knights in the realm, is slain in battle by the Knight of Two swords
  • A landmark is raised in memorial of Lanceor. A mysterious golden sign shows up om the memorial. “Here shall fight the two best knights in the world.”
  • The battle of Bassus river, King Pellinore kills the Centurions king and King Nantres of Garloth. Prince Galegantis of Garloth is captured by Carangeir the Pagan.
  • King lot and King Ryons raids Cambria, Cameliard, Lambor, Wurensis and Escavalon


  • Court is held in Carlion
  • King Arthur meets with the rebels of the north near Castle Terrabil in Cameliard, northwest of Stafford. Battle of Terrabil takes place. 12 kings are killed in the battle.
  • High King Arthur erects a huge tomb on the site of the battle. Thirteen figures, gilt with gold to gleam in the sunlight, make up this monument. One is young King Arthur, standing triumphantly before the other twelve. The other statues crouch over their marble tombstones, each of them clutching a candle that burns perpetually (aided by Merlin’s magic). Eleven of the twelve kneel in submission. The twelfth, of King Lot, is larger than the other dead kings, and instead of kneeling with head bowed, it stands with eyes raised to Arthur.

Boy King Period

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