Anarchy Period



  • Countess Ellen’s Court is held at Sarum Rock
  • Countess Ellen takes temporay control over Salisbury, because Robert is to young to claim his title
  • Countess Ellen pays tribute to Prince Aescwine
  • Adventure of meeting of King Cerdic
  • Adventure of the Golden Deer




  • Countess Ellen’s Court is held at Sarum Rock
  • The adventure of finding Avalon, or at least Nineve
  • Saxons invade Chichester, the city is renamed to Portsmouth
  • A small but determined band of Saxons breaks into the nunnery of Amesbury and tries to take Queen Ygraine.
  • Angles conquer Huntington and Hertford
  • King Nanteleod of Escavalon defeats the three Cadlews. King Maelgwen sweares loyalty to King Nanteleod
  • Port invades the south and captures Portus Adurni, establishes Sussex




  • Countess Ellen’s Court is held at Sarum Rock
  • Famine and drought across Logres
  • Picts invade northern Logres
  • Countess Ellen pays tribute to several saxons lords.
  • The Adventure of the Chained King, part 2
  • The crown of Elwain is returned to it’s rightful heir
  • Sir Lak from Estragales visits Countess Ellen
  • The lord of Upavon dies in illness during the winter, and Sir Robert needs a new knight to train with.


  • Countess Ellen’s Court is held at Sarum Rock
  • No tribute is payed to the saxons in Salisbury, the Saxons promise consequences
  • King Idres invades Somerset, and the castles and cities yeild meakly to the might of his army
  • Cornish raiders raid through the forests of Blakemore and Campcorentin, reaching even Salisbury grounds. The banneret of West Lavington takes the worst of the raids in Salisbury.
  • Battle of Levcomagus, King Cerdic retreats
  • A mysterious woman from the north visits Carangeir the pagan, late at night
  • Battle of Royston (in Hertford), King Nanteleod and King Cerdic retreats
  • Battle of Hertford, King Nanteleod holds a flaming speech and promises glory for all knights who stay and fight another month at their own expenses. Many knights choose to stay for the battle against the Angles. The Duke of Lindsay and many other join and the Angle-army is defeated in a short but glorious battle. King Aeathelswith is killed as he runs from the battlefield by Carangeir the Pagan and his followers.
  • Alain de Carleon is named as the heir of King Nanteleod and becomes a prince.
  • Prince Aescwine of the Angles becomes King of Anglia


  • Countess Ellen’s Court is held at Sarum Rock
  • The WILD HUNT is spotted in Modrons forest
  • The Adventure of the Golden house takes place in Jagent
  • Neara the Bard, is seen walking Britain again. Proving the rumors of his grave wounds wrong. Pagan priestesses call it the will of the gods. Neara has nothing to say, and simply laughs when asked.
  • Prince Mark and Prince Alain de Carleon visits Sarum Rock
  • King Nanteleod tries to gather the Collegium, some are convinced to gather, but not all. No meeting is held.
  • King Nanteleod attacks King Idres of Cornwall. The armies never angage, but maneuever all across Somerset. The King of Somerset remains in hiding.
  • King Cerdic and Chief Port makes an alliance. A bull is cut in half and they stand between as a mark of their friendship.


  • Countess Ellen’s Court is held at Sarum Rock
  • Prince Mark and Prince Alain de Carleon visits Sarum Rock
  • The progress of Salisbury is reintroduced
  • Sir Elad the Mad attacks several villages and manors in West Lavington, he inpales Sir Hywel in the middle of the town square and forces him watch as his villagers and people is raped and burned in front of him. People says he dies weeping. His priest is crucified.
  • Sir Elad the Mad is excommunicated from the brittish church for the murder of a priest
  • Several of the prisoners from King Idres comes of age, and are released as promised. Some of them are intercepted by Sir Gilbert and taken prisoners, the girls are sent to cloisters and the men kept as prisoners of war.
  • London is liberated by the Duke of Lindsey, the people of London rises against the saxons invaders
  • Somerset is liberated by King Nanteleod during the late summer months, many knights from Salisbury follow him during the war by their own free will
  • Salisbury is badly raided duing the autumn by Cerdics raiders, many farmers starve and even the noble have problem eating in some parts of the land
  • The knighting of Earl Robert is postponed
  • Salisbury pays tribute to King Cerdic
  • The Centurion King (Malahaut) fights the forces of King Lot who leads picts and Cymri to invade Cumbria. No large battle takes place.
  • Almost all of the hostages in the court of King Idres is killed when a failed attempt to free them goes wrong. Many knights from Salisbury looses thier first born kin. Sir Caragyr the Bastard and his younger sister Carine is the only two people released.

508 – The year blood and broken dreams

  • Countess Ellen’s Court is held at Sarum Rock
  • King Nanteleod assembles all his vassals and allies to deal with King Cerdic once and for all
  • The Traitors’s Court take place in Warminster, Baron Tethyr captures several of his own vassals of lower loyalty and some knights from Salisbury with family lands in or around Warminster. He forces them all to swear Homage to him or loose their lands. He spares their families and let’s the prisoners go for their ransom. Almost all present agree to the terms and swear Homage apart from one other family of knights. Baron Tethyrs treasure is considerably increased and he gains several new manors and families with fealty and homage.
  • King Nanteleods court is held at Sarum Rock, many retinue and kings from far away visit. A grand feast is held in Sarum like never seen before.
  • The army assembles outside Sarum Rock and march towards Levcomagus
  • London is besieged byt Saxons from Kent, but the siege is broken by the army of the Duke of Lindsey
  • King Pellinore goes missing from the battlefield but is tracked down by a few loyal friends to King Nanteleod
  • A secret parley is held in Amesbury Abbey between Sir Brastias, King Pellinore, Prince Mark, Queen Ygraine and a band of honor-guard from Salisbury. Prince mark presents a boy he claims to be the son of Queen Ygraine and King Uther. His claims are denied by King Pellinore and Sir Brastias, although Queen Ygraine remains silent and neither confirms nor denies it. Prince Marks leaves without satisfaction.
  • The Battle of Netley Marsh. A promising victory against a smaller force of saxons turns to disaster as a group of knights from Cornwall are smuggled trough the woods near the traitous lord of Levcomagus. They charge into the friendly camp and manages to slay King Nanteleod brake-ing the moral of the entire army. The troups retreat and many good men die in the sudden retreat.
  • Sir Hervis de Revel and Sir Floridas the Pict becomes renowned in all of Britains for their refusal to surrender when overwelmed by saxons in the loosing battle. They survive to tell the tale.
  • Hampshire is burned, pillaged and slaughtered. Saxon families move in to many of the farms and villages.
  • Salisbury and Silchester is Pillaged


Anarchy Period

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