Duke Klingsor

An evil christian knight, lord of the Castle Mortal and brother of The Fisher King.

Player notes:
Duke Klingsor is the lord and master of Castle Mortal and he leads his armies against The Fisher King. It is said by Damosel Brisen that is he succeeds in taking the Castle of Joy, the wasteland will consume all of Britain.


King.pngBorn: ?
Son number: 2(?)
Homeland: Enchanted Forest
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Brother of The Fisher King
Liege Lord: The Devil (rumored)
Current Class: Duke (King?)
Current Home: Castle Mortal
Distinctive features: Dark Eyebrows, Condescending Frown, Evil Eye
Squire: Unknown, but rumored to have Fomorians as servants.
Known for: Vengeful, Selfish, Arbitrary, Cruel, Cowardly and his legendary hate of the King Fisherman (39), whom he strives to destroy, along with his followers, kinfolk, friends, and memory


Cymric, Evil Christian; Klingsor was once a good knight, but was overcome by envy and grew evil enough to attack the sacred castle of his own brother.

Duke Klingsor

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