Sir Godwyn the Roebuck Knight

First born child of Brehus and Marion


Glory achieved

5522 Glory


Born: 494
Son number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury (partly raised in Cameliard)
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Elwain/Fey (rumored)
Liege Lord: Lord Carangeir of Tisbury
Class: Household Knight
Home: Dinton
Distinctive features: Heroic chin, a otherworldly appearance and dreamy.


Father: Sir Brehus Stepfather: Sir Branan the Blessed
Mother: Lady Marion the Hind
Sisters: Maid Heledd
Elizabeth the Blessed
Wife: Lady Ceara

Current entourage

Squire: Randall

Former: Clud; died at the trial of Chivalry

Forms of address

Common: Sir
Personal: Godwyn (or more polite: Sir Godwyn)
Colloquial name: Household Knight
Informal: Knight Bachelor Godwyn
Formal: Sir Godwyn, Knight Bachelor to Lord Tisbury
Optional Suffix: the Roebuck Knight

Known for

His chaste, energetic and merciful nature, his generosity, his modesty, his just mindset, his temperance, his great bravery, his Love of God, his honor, his fealty to King Leodegrance and his adoration of his “sister” Queen Guinevere. His trust towards both his twin sister Heledd and King Pellinore. Famous for his love for his Family and hate for the Saxons that killed his father and murdered his great grandfather. Famously lustfull for his wife Lady Ceara.


Joust Score

Wins: 3
Brown Knight of the Wilds
Sir Lamorak
1 Unnamed Knight

Losses 1
1 Unnamed Knight



494-495: Born at his fathers, Sir Brehus manor of Wylye in Naddar Valley.
495: Left in the care of his mother after sir Brehus dies a glorious death on the battlefield.
496-500: Marion leaves to live with her adoptive father King Leodegrance.
501-505: Served as a page for King Leodegrance.
506: Moved back home towards Sarum when uncle Branan married Marion.
506-507: Served as a page for Earl Robert of Salisbury’s court.
508-512: Appointed squire to Sir Edward, the Broken Bulwark together with his first squire Ysgaran.
512: Adventured with King Pellinore as his squire after being called upon by the the Questing Beast.
513: Made knight at the court of King Pellinore for his service during the hunt. 1000 Glory (Inherited 921 glory from Sir Brehus)
513: fought in the 2nd Battle of Terrabil.
513: Swore the Oath of Chivalry to Sir Kay
513: Quested for High King Arthur and hunted the Basilisk Knight together with the Brown Knight of the Wilds.
514: Participated in the Assault on Vagon Castle and was first on the walls and opened its gates. Lost his honor when Clud left to steal silver on his own accord.
514: Attended King Arthur and Queen Guinevere’s great wedding
514: Was one of five knights chosen to quest for Arthur, regained his lost honor.
514: Sir Godwyn Issued a challenge to Sir Gawaine to better himself around women.
514: Sir Gawaine issued a challenge to Sir Godwyn to better himself with his sword.
515: Meet with King Cadwy at his feast.
515: Took part of The Adventure of the Bear and the Loathly Lady, and was transformed into a roe deer. Later saved from his curse by members of his family.
515: Returned to King Cadwy and found him in a deep sleep.
516: Swore Homage to his uncle, Lord Carangeir of Tisbury.
516: Married his love, Lady Ceara.
516: Fought in the evening battle of Humber.
516: Assaulted the saxon commanders camp during the night raid with King Arthur and his bodyguards.
516 Fought in the morning battle of Humber.
516: Tried to assault the walls of Eberacum, but in vain.
516: Entered the wasteland with his family.
516: Passed all the tests during the trail of chivalry but lost his squire Clud.
516: Meet with the King Fishermen in his castle and swore to find him an army.

Sir Godwyn the Roebuck Knight

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