This Campaign is no longer running.
I have moved from the city and cannot finish it.
If you are interested, a new campaign has started and is more active.

Welcome to Arthurian Britain

This board tells the story of the Elwain family, and their story in the shadow of the great Pendragon Legacy. The story follows The Great Pendragon Campaign in the Pendragon RPG and takes place in Salisbury County in Logres.

Follow the legacy of the Iron Crown and the Golden Dragon.

A tale of Blood and Honour

For blood and for honor do I come; Riding upon the hills and river grass, with the wind at my back and suns rash. With the mark of memories of years past,

I set to change the tide of a warring path. With my sword and my armor I come ready. With eyes set with fiery at my enemies;

Alas you’ll drink up your vicious crimes, for that is the reason why I strike. What made me weak has shunned me strong. Have others known me for the child’s song?

I sing of pain, of the battle that does go long. I ride with my army to the front where my enemy comes. This day shall hold fast; to what has come. Glory shall shine down on the everlasting;

And smile not my dark lads, for you’ll fret in the judgement, come to pass. Seek now whatever remnant of this earth that you desire in your heart. For you’ll be like the blade of grass plucked by the generations children;

Brushed by the fingers thereof, Because you will live no more to see your hair gray to scorn.

For blood and honor,
as the last testament to my crescent.

A tale of Blood and Honour

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