Naddar valley and the Naddar hundred is the remains of the old Elwain kingdom in what in ancient times was called Durotriges. As a hundred it is today split and without a set ruler, since all the frams and manors are ruled by many different lords.

Current manors in the estate

Shallowcliffe and Ansty are burned to the ground, and remain unclaimed.


Naddar valley holds a long history of turmoil and war since the tribal times. It has shrunk many times and is today but a shadow it it’s former glory. When Cian was first given the title of Baron of Elwain, he was given Naddar valley as his hundred Estate. When Gaharet was given the lands to rule after his father died, he lost the rights to the Barony when he opposed Vortigern the usurper in the civil-war. He instead swore fealty to the Earl of Salisbury, and ruled a few remaining manors that way.

Manors during the time as a Barony under the King

Manors during the time as a lord banneret under the Earl of Salisbury

Manors during the time as knight, serving the Earl of Salisbury


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