Elwain heraldry



Gules, a dragon rampant or.


The Elwain family shield has gone though a few differant historical faces


Roman and Uther era.

In this era, cymric cultre and weapon-techonology was still pretty old. Heraldry was basicly the paint you had on your shield and very few rules were written down. The artistry changed a bit over the years, but the basic design was the same. The shields changed a bit during Anarchy, since the wars made people think differantely.

The oldest known form of the dragon is found on a memorial stone in Tisbury, commemorating “Arh Cierhon, draig euraidd”. It is not exactly known ho he was, but the stone tells a short story.

Dragon found on Arh Cierhons grave

“Cynwrig and Fiarchra had this stone raised in memory of Arh Cierhon”
“The golden dragon, their father, who fell against the giants.”
“Three dragons of Durotriges, The three champions from the Red Branch.”
“After them we shall not live— Three that used to break every onrush.”
“Three heroes who were not good at homage, Their fall is cause of sorrow—”

Shields from Roman, Uther and Anarchy periods

  • Carangeir and his brother wore this shield when they were young Roman period
  • These shields became common during Uthers rule Uther period
  • Elwain shield during the Anarchy era Uther period Anarchy period

Elwain heraldry

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