The people of Cumbria are often called the “northern British.” Cumbria includes all the lands north of the Humber River and south of the Pictish mountains. Much of this region is of moor-covered mountains or dense, unexplored forest.

King Content Not Found: Lot, the King of Lothian, is the preeminent king of the north. He comes from the northern islands of the Orkneys, but rules over Lothian. He also has alliances with many Pictish tribes. Though Lot is dominant, the rulers of most of the other British kingdoms have not submitted to him. The Kingdom of Malahaut is the strongest single kingdom, and King Uther saved its king, Sir Barant de Apres, from the Saxons, Barant had as many titles as King Uther does: the Centurion King, King of the Brigantes, heir of King Coel the Old, and especially King of One Hundred Knights. He rules from the city of Eburacum (York).



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