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  • Rumours 508

    h5. Gossiping women

    "Let me tell you, a pair of boots like these will get you over the countryside anywhere. If we have to go through muck, you will want some of these, hear me? And a cloak like this, can you get one? You …

  • Rumours 509

    h5. Gossiping women

    "Isn't he handsome? Looks just like a King!" "He look's a bit weak to be honest, clean shaven and that short hair. Not at all like the men that come back from the battles every summer." "Perhaps not …

  • Rumours 512

    h5. High King Arthur speaks

    The events of the missing children in the northlands, if they are true, are an outrage. We have has ordered Merlin to investigate the truth of the matter." _Discussions of Chivalry continue. The …

  • Rumours 510

    h5. High King Arthur Pendragon

    “We are of many lands, but the Brotherhood of Knighthood unites us all. We all, even though hailing from different kingdoms and speaking different tongues, are all leaders of men, acknowledged …

  • Rumours 511

    h5. High King Arthur Pendragon

    “Knighthood is marvelous, but chivalry is a knight’s duty. Chivalry. Just as knights have been set above the normal run of mankind, so are the chivalrous set above other knights.”

  • Rumours 513

    h5. High King Arthur speaks at christmas

    “Let us pray that this is the last of those forbidding battles. Certainly the Virgin of Battles has been with us. But for the sake of the commons, our farms, and especially our …

  • Rumours 514

    h5. High King Arthur speaks at christmas

    "We are devoted to restoring some balance to the world, and I will work with my dearest wife Guenever toward that end. The world of men is clear: We slay and die, with poets and …

  • Rumours 515

    h5. High King Arthur speaks at christmas

    Here we are, two years at peace. I won’t forget to keep the castles in condition, but I am going to honor God with some new churches as well.”
    h5. Gossiping women < …

  • By the winter fire

    [[File:416552 | class=media-item-align-none | gossip.png]] Stay awhile and listen... Have I got some news for you! * [[Rumours 508]] * [[Rumours 509]] * [[Rumours 510]] * [[Rumours 511]] * [[Rumours 512]] * [[Rumours 513]] * [[Rumours 514 …

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