A tale of Blood and Honour

In My Dreams
The feast after the Battle for Terrabil

Duke Ulfius teases Sir Godwyn about his affection for Princess Guinevere.

Sir Godwyn sat with Duke Ulfius, Sir Ector and Sir Kay and they talked of the times of old. Godwyn felt as if he had forgotten the biting cold of the north, it returned to surprise you that you no longer was in the warmth of the south. He told himself that the cold was a a punishment from God, because he felt the taboo feelings towards one he considered to be his own sister, Princess Guinevere. Her beauty triumphed anything in the room, Why God to you punish me with her beauty, I love her as one should love a family. His thoughts betrayed him again but he could not bare himself to look away. His only hope was that she never looked his way.

Duke Ulfius sat on the other side of the table and had just told of his prowess during the Battle of Lindsey. Both Ulfius and Ector laughed as Ulfius finished his story, and then he turned to see if Godwyn also laughed. Ulfius grin turned into a more serious look, he then threw his fork at Godwyn to wake up. Godwyn jolted and turned towards Ulfius as if he was a little boy getting caught stealing his lords apples.
“What is wrong with you boy? Is my story not good enough to pique your interest?” His gaze was like spears into Godwyn’s soul.
-“Excuse me my lord, I had…. something on my mind.” Godwyn gave him his best answer but could not stop looking at Guinevere for long.
The Duke grumbled and looked over his shoulder, towards the high table where Guinevere sat. Ulfius grin came back to him again as he turned back and he slowly leaned over the table and said. “That is a lovely lady I give you that.” Godwyn, raised both eyebrows in surprise and turned his face towards Ulfius. “But if we are gonna be completely honest… She have to little meat on her bones for my taste.” Ulfius words had Godwyn dumbfounded and he stared into the old mans eyes. “And now my sirs, I need to take a piss” Ulfius stood up and walked away from the table leaving Godwyn to his inner demons. he felt cold and lonely again, like never before.

As squires talk
At the eve of the Battle of Terrabil

A camp, thousands of knights, pavilions and tents. Darkness has fallen on the eve of the battle. Tomorrow will be the famed Battle of Terrabil, and the evening air is full of the sounds of squires. In one part of the camp stands the pavilion of the new Lord Tisbury and his entourage, surrounded by a few other tents and pavilions of the Elwain family. Nearby, but not too close, are the horses, and the squires hard at work rubbing them down, brushing them and preparing them from the coming battle.

“…And I tell you, I have never seen him so dark and murderous, I almost fear for our enemies on the battlefield tomorrow.” Squire Moried said, whispering to the other boys gathered a stone throw away from their knights tents. “Yes, he is Lord of Tisbury now, as he always has striven for, but Lady Ellen was the kindness in his life, and now she is gone. You’ve seen how he’s always changed before when he’s come back home to her. He knows that he will never have that again. We are in for a few rough years, Brewin, mark my words.” Glancing back towards the pavilion, where they could see the shadow of their lord knight, the two squires continued their task of rubbing down the horses.

A newly squired boy nearby speaks up “Is it true then, is he a kinslayer now?” before being silenced by a cuff over the ear by Moried “Be silent! If he hears you, it will be mine and Brewins skin that’ll pay the price!”

Even lower, he continues “But yes, we were there, at Dinton. This was just days after the massacre, our Lord was like some vengeful spirit out of those tales of the dark side of the Faerielands. First he seemed like he wanted to take on all of sir Gilberts knights himself, but Sir Cador stopped him.” Moried pauses, looking at the brooding shadow at the pavilion and redoubles his brushing of the horse.

“He went up, sword against sword, with sir Gilbert, and cut his head clean off! He is nearly fifty years now, and he took his head off with a swing of his sword, Sir Gilbert never stood a chance.”
Brewin interjects “But, did you see that old Gilbert tried to throw his sword down and surrender? He must have seen his fate in those dark eyes, albeit too late. It seems like his mercy was that of a quick death, not a life in the captivity of his nephew.”

Silence falls as the boys continue their work and the other squires ponder this in silence, once in a while sneaking glances towards the pavilion and whispering quietly to each other as the night sets in.

“One thing is certain, and that is that now is not the time to slack off, he has never been known for his kindness anyways. I pray that our lord God is with us tomorrow.” Moried finishes brushing off the charger and sets of back to camp, with Brewin trailing behind him.

Year 513 Part 2
The tale of a stringless harp

Back to Britian


The victory feast

The feast was in mid session after the Battle of Terrabil and the Knights met up on the balcony that was connected to the great hall. There they stood and talked about the future of the Elwain Family, and Lord Carangeir was in a darker place then most because he lost his beloved Lady Ellen to a raid which Lord Gilbert had called together with Sir Elad the Mad earlier that year. King Leodegrance turned over Squire Merwyn to the Elwain family because he had served as a squire to King Leodegrance’s butler who died in the battle. All the knights felt something deep for Princess Guinevere and King Leodegrance was much disturbed by all knights drooling over her. He had asked the person who seemed to be the only one that did not care as much as the rest and that was Content Not Found: sir-caragyr-the-rabid-dog, he asked what made men fall for her so quickly. During the feast they heard a song from the courtyard, a song that enchanted everyone at the feast, and Neara had told Sir Godwyn that it was Taliesin. He had a strange but beautiful harp with no strings on it but he used a Lute to enchant anyone that listened to his song. Even High King Arthur had to leave the high table and walk out in haste to talk listen to Taliesin’s song. High King Arthur had set his mind to the man singing down below and said that he had to have Taliesin sing in his court, after which he stormed of to find Merlin the Magician. Guinevere who had walked out gracefully had listened to the song but when it ended she had turned to Lord Carangeir, and talked to him for a while before she finished with saying that Carangeir was a “Rough man, to rough” before walking. Squire Merwyn who did not trust the wizard Merlin was on a lookout for him and. Sir Godwyn ran down to speak with Taliesin on behalf of Neara, and asked about the strange harp. Taliesin promised to sing the tale of the harp if Godwyn could find him an elvish artifact. Godwyn promised and so Teliesin sang him the Song of The Harp.

The journey from Terrabil Castle to London

After the feast Earl Salisbury ordered the knights to travel with a vast horde of horses and sell them off in London. On their travels Lord Tisbury pondered much of the two knights he needed to his new household. Squire Merwyn was free and only needed a knighting ceremony and so his ideas fell to ask Sir Godwyn. Sir Godwyn said that he would only accept the honor when and if Sir Garlon would be allowed to serve Lord Carangeir as well. Lord Carangeir was much conflicted to this as he really did not want Sir Garlon in his household, the son to the man that had murdered his wife and children and taken the lands from his father during The Hunting Accident. Their travel down to London was easy and no major thing occurred. When they arrived they quickly sold of the horses and tended to their own businesses at hand. Shopping new shields, armor, clothes among many other things. Their stay was short and the traveled towards Salisbury. One evening when riding in the rear of the great treasure caravan, Sir Caragyr could hear the call of lady in distress. They found a tower in the middle of nowhere that was guarded by a black knight, and Sir Godwyn was quick to challenge and defeat the black knight before trying to climb the tower. While climbing the black knight came alive and in order to save his bastard cousin, Sir Godwyn jumped from a very high distance down onto the knight at the risk of his own health. The black knight fell and dragged Sir Caragyr with him to the ground but the black knight was pinned by Sir Godwyn who had both his feet hon his back. Then something odd happened and the whole tower started moving. Fearing the worst both Sir Caragyr and Sir Godwyn ran towards safety and the now living tower ran away across the field. The whole caravan was shocked as was the knights to what they just had behold. The rest of the travel was eventless.

A new knight for the family of Elwain

Winter court was near and squire Merwyn’s knighting ceremony had begun. He stood before Lord Tisbury clad in expensive jewelry and new clothes. Sir Lupinus read from the large scrolls held by a page and thus the oaths of knighting was taken. Lord Carangeir gave Merwyn the last strike and gave him his knightly possessions and spurs. They finally finished the ceremony by the traditional kiss on the mouth and as it was done everyone cheered as they headed for the feast inside Sarum Castle. At the feast, laid a heavy feeling of thunder in the air. Sir Amig could not hold back his resentment towards Baron Tethyr and he threw a fit of rage during the feast, calling Tethyr a tratior and an ally to Lord Elad the Mad. Earl Robert tried to calm the situation with the help from Lord Carangeir. Sir Amig made an oath that if Lord Elad had not been dealt with by the end of next year, he would resign his oath to the Earl. He left before anyone could say more, clearly breaking his Earls hospitality. Lady Ellen of Salisbury could not stand the bad atmosphere and asked “If the Earls vassals did not like the food he had made for them.” Everyone soon forgot what had happened and the feast was back on, and was soon again interrupted by a fully armored knight entering the hall. It was the Brown Knight of the Wilds who wanted to ask the Earl for permission to hunt the Basilisk Knight that is said to be near. The Earl agreed to his terms saying that if he brought back the Basilisk Knights head he would reward him greatly for his effort. Sir Godwyn excused himself from court and wanted to follow the Knight of The Wilds. The Knight gave his terms to this, that if Godwyn won a joust against him he would be allowed to follow him. Luckily for Godwyn he managed to knock the Knight of the Wilds off his horse, but now he said that Godwyn lacked a squire and wondered why that was. Sir Godwyn grabed the first suitable commoner he could find and the two knights rode off.

Year 513 Part 1
The cornered animal fights back

The Dragon claims his throne

The manor of Winterbourne Earls was quiet around spring that year. The Elwain family had gathered for a small court of their own and they had a special guest, Prince Galegantis of Garloth as he was Sir Carangeirs prisoner. Lady Ellen of Elwain was pregnant and walked around with her heavy stomach, she was sure to give birth any day now. On this court Sir Carangeir the Pagan got the idea to throw a hunt in the forest nearby. On their way out and into the forest they spotted Brangwen, she collected dead birds that laid in a perfect line along the road. For Carangeir this omen meant something bad, and he feared the worst… Wild boars.

The hunt went on for several hours, and soon darkness began to fall on the knights in the forest. Sir Carangeir, Sir Caragyr and Sir Geffrey emerged from the forest and to the pagan stone circle that was not far from Winterbourne Earls. There the knights was ambushed by some very well armed soldiers, they aimed to kill the squires. None of the knights squires got seriously injured and that was when Sir Geffrey saw flames in the distance, Winterbourne Earls was ablaze. Sir Edward got lost during the hunt, but he soon saw and heard the other knights riding at full speed towards the manor. With all the knights together they entered the manor to see something horrific. Sir Carangeir saw some of his children and his servants impaled on spikes and spears all around the yard. His wife Ellen was stretched with ropes by her arms and legs, her stomach was wide open and entrails had ran out. She was dying and Carangeir held her in her arms as she died. Her last words was “Lord Elad has your son”. Sir Carangeir, as sad as he was angry but broke down next to his wife and was unable to do much but cry.

Inside the manor was knights and footmen that had taken a large log and was trying to smash in the door where the rest of the family hid. In came Sir Edward and Sir Caragyr in a total frenzy and spared none of the attackers. The rest was now saved and they told the rest that Lord Gilbert of Tisbury andLord Elad the Mad had been here and they wanted to kill all of Carangeir’s children. That is when they all realize that had not Sir Edward gotten lost in the forest as he did, his squire Ysgaran would have been the main target during the ambush as he is the first true born son of Sir Carangeir.

Days went by and High King Arthur Pendragon together with Earl Robert had gathered their armies for war, as they passed through Winterbourne Earls. King Arthur had promised to buy Prince Galegantis from Carangeir and into his court as the High King’s prisoner. When they arrived, they both where shocked over the devastation that the two Lords had caused. Together now, the entire army rode into Lord Gilbert’s lands. They meet him at Dinton with his four defending knights. The men all fought to the death for their Lord and Sir Carangeir went into a one on one with Lord Gilbert. Sir Carangeir was to strong for his opponent who quickly disarmed his uncle. “I AM YOUR UNCL-…” was all Lord Gilbert had time to say before his head was decapitated by Sir Carangeir. Not much was made about that affair, but the whole thing seemed to trouble King Arthur.

The whole army then marched north towards King Leodegrance. This would be the famous Battle of Terrabil that was located in Cameliard. This was the first time that the knights from Salisbury would meet other knights in open battle. The morning battle was intensive and soon all the opposing Kings fell one by one. The armies scattered for the wind but in the fight Sir Edward was wounded. King Lot of Lothain had held his main army back until now and called for attack against the already tired army. But King Pellinore with an army joined High King Arthur out from nowhere and had Sir Godwyn with him. In the battle King Pellinore faced off against King Lot, and King Pellinore personally slew him in single combat. The battle was over and High King Arthur was victorious.
Year 486
Merlin's test

Quest for Kaledvoulc’h

Lord Gilbert held a small feast for some relatives of the knights. namely Sir Cynrain and Sir Nidian who had been overseas raiding the Irish. After the feast the knights was sent of to find the infamous Basilisk Knight in a swamp he was said to live inside. During their adventure in the swamp they found a strange old man and a huge goat. The goat had escaped from the man and the old man wanted help from the knights to help catch the goat again. The knights chased the goat and as it ran into a forest the knights found the goat dead, but in the hands of a giant. The giant made himself ready to fight the knights by swinging a huge tree as a club. The giant was quickly overpowered by the vast number of knights and fell by a well aimed strike from Sir Gwanon. The old man came shouting “Marvelous! Outstanding performance, you will do!” the man changed his appearance like magic and all could see that it was Merlin. Merlin called on the knights to follow them deep into the forest from where the giant had come, all the knights save Sir Branan followed Merlin.

Deep inside the forest they reached a lake. Sounds of swords clashing could be heard and shouts from several men as well. They reached the lake and saw a white knight on a white steed fight the Knight of the Basilisk and several footmen armed with spears and shields. The knights rode to the aid of the white knight and sir Carangeir saved the white knight by almost chopping of the leg on the Basilisk Knight. Merlin drags the badly wounded white knight down into a boat and rows towards to the center of the lake. The knights have re position themselves so that they had their backs towards the water. They stood their ground and fought against the dozen of foot soldiers that was left and from the water behind them a thing of man and horse appeared. The thing started to attack the knights and the other enemies of the knight as well. The knights defended themselves against the horseman and when they inflicted a wound it poured water from the wound instead of blood. Sir Carangeir was knocked unconscious by the large horseman but saved by Sir Brehus who put his sword deep into the horseman. The horseman melts out into water and is joined once again by the lake. By this time Merlin was almost ashore again with the white knight and a strange sword. The knights see that the white knight is none other then King Uther. Sir Carangeir was brought back to consciousness by Merlin and the four knights knelt before the King who was now standing before them. Merlin said “You have helped us a greatly” and with that the king held out his dragon ring. Merlin with the aid of his magic split the ring into four pieces. “Now know this, when ever you are in need of aid you give this piece back to the king and a favour from him with it. But know this, you may not speak of what you saw here, nor may you never tell anyone of your meeting with the king.” said Merlin. The knights wounded and battered traveled back in the direction from where they came. Sir Branan was still waiting on them. He asked them what they did but receives no answer so he does not push the questions further. They called off the hunt for the basilisk knight and turned home to tend to their wounds.

Later at Sarum castle, court was held and all the knights are there. They kept their eye on the Irishman that their uncles brought with them during their raid. They got to know that he was fascinated with the whole concept of knights and has thoughts on taking the concept back with him to Ireland. Sir Brehus eagerly helps answering his questions about his thoughts on what a knight should be. Sir Branan later talked with the Earl about what happened in the swamp and the Earl was interested to know what happened inside the forest.

All the knights where shortly brought before the Earl and was forced to explain what had happened. The knights tried to explain that they laid a vow of honour not to tell anyone what had happened. The Earl was absolutely furious with their vow and gave the knights the cold shoulder for months to come. Except for Sir Branan who he almost rewarded richly for telling on his family and showing loyalty.

Year 485
Fury of eastern berserkers

By Blood and Ash

The mist layed heavy around Vagon castle in the early month of march. The morning offered little warmth even tough the spring had barely arrived. All the squires are present at the training grounds, save Gwanon who was of on border patrol with Lord Amig. The squires are doing there usual morning practice when a few knights arrive. Sir Uwain greets the knights and Branan recognize one of the knights who arrived as Sir Leo. He left while giving the young squires orders to meet up at Sarum Castle as they are about to become knights. On the way they stopped by their only fief that still belonged to the true heir of Elwyn, their home of Burcombe. Greeting them as they arrived at the manor was Lady Eleri, Brehus and Branan’s mother. Inside the manor had Lady Eleri made the tables for all the relatives of the Elwain family and those closest of kin. After a short moment of rest, a page came running into the manor and shouted “The Earl! Earl Roderick is here!”. Everyone started to get excited and Lady Eleri and Brehus went out to meet the Earl. The Earl rode in with many knights in tow as his personal guards. They greeted the Earl and as he walked in to the ongoing feast silence was cast itself over the room and everyone stood up in his presence. Earl Roderick ordered everyone to take their seats. Carangeir left his chair to the Earl. The feast went on into the night and at dawn the next morning the knighting began.

At dawn Carangeir made his peace with his gods for he was the first to be knighted and swear fealty to the Earl. Carangeir knelt before the Earl and in front of him he had his fathers shield with the golden dragon upon the red. Unfortunate for Carangeir was the fact that the strong drinks he had last night had an impact on his reactions. Because when he was about to do the leap he ran so fast towards the horse who moved to the side and Sir Carangeir didn’t manage to stop in time. Sir Carangeir ran right down a ditch. Some laugh erupts within the knights ranks and Earl Roderick said “Well you can inherit all yourfathersskills."

The twin brothers also swore fealty to the Earl except for Godwin who was dubbed by the Earl but swore to Lord Gilbert. The others did their leaps with great success. The newly made knights traveled towards Sarum after a long time of celebrating. When they arrived at Sarum Castle many started to feel at home, and well inside the walls they looked upon several hundreds of knights and soldiers inside the courtyard. As they walked towards the center of Sarum commotion started, none could hear exactly what was going on. Sir Brehus sent his younger brother and squire Cian the Pup to check out what was happening. Cian returned soon and says that a Lady had been kidnapped. Sir Brehus thought that it meant it had happened somewhere else and didn’t bother with the news. But as his family started taking up their horses and riding out so did sir Brehus. Sir Godwin was the only one of all the knights that managed to keep pace with the abductor and entered a forest in his chase. Sir Godwin fought the knight on fair terms and ended up killing the other knight. Sir Godwin learnt the name of the lady and her name was Lady Vera. Waiting for them was Earl Roderick and Duke Ulfius. Lady Vera ran toward the Duke of Silchester shouting “Father”. The Duke looked at sir Godwin and asked him what he wished for as a reward for saving his daughter. Sir Godwin asked for Lady Veras hand in marriage and the Duke looked most troubled by that. “I had a more respected knight in mind for my daughter who is my most precious. Very well if you prove yourself in the battle to come you may wed my daughter.” With that said the Earl thanked Sir Godwin for his courage once again. A last feast before the march into battle was held that evening inside Sarum Castle.

The night became dawn and later the army was on its move. The army marched south to meet up with King Uther. As they rode they saw it, The Kings banner! King Uther himself, accompanied by so many knights that they could be an army in itself. The night came and after a while they saw King Uther himself enter their camp as he rode up on the hill nearby. He dismounted and walked toward sir Carangeir and asked for his name. Sir Carangeir answered respectfully. King Uther put his hand on the knights shoulder and praised him for his presence and with that he mounted his horse and rode off. The other knights looked at sir Carangeir with amazement. The morning came and they left their tents dressed for battle and set of to meet the saxon horde.

The battle would take place at Battle of Mearcred Creek. They lined up and waited for the saxon army to arrive. Trough the forest you could hear large drums and branches being cracked, the saxon army emerged singing their war song to Wotan loudly. They had wild growing hair, shouting and waving with their weapons. The eager knights began to ride onward. Lord Amig as the eschille commander rode at the front towards the saxon front he shouted with his fearsome voice “Charge!!” and the two armies smashed together. The battle was hard and the first couple of ranks of saxon was overpowered by the knights. The knights great success drew the largest and most fearsome of bersekers in the saxon army. All the knights felt their lives laying on a swords edge as they tried to fend off the Wotans most dedicated men. And out of nowhere joins sir Gwanon on his mighty stallion Oghma, but even with his shield the might blow from the berserker hits him over his face leaving him mortally wounded but Gwanon’s squire dragged him to safety. Sir Godwin also suffers a heavy blow and takes a large blow to his chest and was saved by his squire. After hours of hard fighting the saxons finally scatter and so did King Uther’s army. The battlefield laid dead silent as crows starts to gather for a feast of their own.

In the medical tent laid sir Godwin. The nurse told the knights still standing that he had only a short time to live. Sir Carangeir took sir Godwin’s hand and knelt next to him. Brehus tried to encourage Godwin but was short out of words seeing his cousin and one of his closest friends dying in front of him as Godwin faded away slowly. Gwanon would live but at the price of a horrific scar. They lastly visited Branan who was awake but windy. Brehus said to Branan that he should pay Godwin his visit. Sir Branan stumbled towards Godwin’s death bed and gave him his last visit. Meanwhile Brehus managed to get an audience with Duke Ulfius in his tent which was extremely hard for most but Brehus charisma landed him a opportunity. Sir Brehus told the Duke about valiant sir Godwin’s sacrifice and behind the curtains Brehus could hear that Lady Vera burst out in tears.

At winters court the Earl held a speech in which he told about the decision of splitting the armies so that Logres would be free from invaders. But the cost of splitting both armies came with the defeat of Duke Lucius army by the Saxons at Maldon. Prince Madoc had much to say about the the Duke of Cornwall and few things where nice. But King Uther was confident that they would restore the lands in the south someday.

Year 484
It begins...

The Lineage of old

Our brave squires have been training together at Vagon castle for the past year. They are under training from Lord Amig and Sir Uwain but are about to impress on the castellan of Vagon castle, Lord Elad. The squires are set to make a number of challenges to prove their worth. In the first challenge they ride a joust against a manikin. Some fail and some succeed, sir Uwain was very soft on his squires where Lord Amig was harsh and unforgiving. During the joust some fell but others did quite well for themselves. The second challenge was a race, which was won by Carangeir and shortly after Gwanon came to a second place. Brehus was third followed by Godwin and lastly Branan. Branan being the stone faced person was kind of hard to read if he was happy or angry over his presentation, or if he even gave a damn. The last challenge was as Lord revealed, a duel. Lord Elad was now quite interested to join in himself and Carangeir had both the honour and misfortune of facing him first. Elad withdrew from the challenge to give the rest a sporting chance. The dueling challenge was finally won by Brehus after defeating both Branan and Gwanon

The squires dressed and joined the feast. As the squires walked into the feast they where given an unwelcome looks from Baron Gregor and Lord Gilbert, their uncle. Lord Elad gave them their first real quest. To hunt down the bear who was scaring the peasants. If there was such a bear. The hunting leader would be the one who would win the joust they created. In the joust Godwin was the victorious but only after he had knocked Gwanon of the saddle. The squires left as soon as they could and would ride late into the night. They meet with the village priest old Gar who offered them shelter as they where here to kill the bear. MadBear.jpg The next day the squires split and hunted in small groups. Godwin and Brehus found the bear first and soon Gwanon would too. Brehus landed the killing blow on the bear and thereby claimed it as his. The bear was dead and the peasants cheered as the bear was skinned and butchered.

As they rode with the peasants dragging the meat they came across a farm. The farmer was being raided by some few bandits so the valiant squires drew their swords and attacked. The bandits where soon undone and killed by the squires. They did not even have time to talk to the farmer of the farm until they saw King Pellinore on his ghostly white steed charging by. The squires followed and asked if they could help. Carangeir understood that he was obsessed with finding this questing beast. Only Carangeir had heard of it, but Brehus was the one who got excited and wanted to help. But the king was much to fast for the squires to keep up with and they lost sight of him.

Back at Vagon castle they showed Lord Elad the mad bears pelt. It was huge, and Lord Elad who did not believe that the bear was real quickly wanted to throw a feast where the squires was invited. The squires bathed and cleaned themselves for the feast. And so with a great feast the year of 484 went towards it end.


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