Tooth of St. Amphibalus

An old tooth from St. Amphibalus, the saint who convertet Albans.


The tooth is protected by glass and a small shell of silver. It can be hung around he neck.

If held close, the wearer receives +3 in the trait Spiritual. (if Christian).

It’s probably worth several pounds of silver if sold.


As a young squire, Cian was given a relic by his mother, who did not share where she got it. He wore it close to his chest his entire life, and many times proclaimed that it kept him sane in his long travels abroad.

Saint “Amphibalus” is venerated as the early Christian priest who converted Saint Alban to Christianity. Alban sheltered the priest from religious persecution for a number of days, during which time Alban was so impressed with the priest’s faith and teaching that Alban began to emulate him in worship, and became a Christian. When Roman soldiers came to seize the priest, Alban put on the priest’s clothing and cloak, and went with the soldiers in the priest’s stead. After Alban’s martyrdom, Amphibalus escaped, but was eventually caught and also martyred.


Tooth of St. Amphibalus

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