The Sword in the Stone

The sword Arthur drew to prove he was the King of Britain.

weapon (melee)


This is the sword Arthur drew from the anvil on the stone outside St. Pauls Cathedral in London.

The sword was cleft in twain in 512, when Arthur in his pride lost a duel against Pellinore. This started the adventure where he retrieved Excalibur with the aid of Merlin. It is now kept in Arthur’s treasury as a reminder.

On the hilt was written:
“Whoever pulls this sword from this stone and anvil, is king of all of England by right of birth. "



Arthur’s first famous sword was the one he drew from the anvil and the stone in London. The blade mysteriously appeared one night outside St. Pauls cathedral in 495.

Arthur famously drew the sword from the anvil by mistake in the winter of 509, when he was out looking for a new sword for his master. Arthur, serving as squire to the newly knighted Kay, is locked out of the house and can’t get to his brother’s sword and uses the Sword in the Stone to replace it. Kay shows his characteristic opportunism when he tries to claim it was he that pulled the sword from the stone, making him the true King of the Britons, but he quickly relents and admits it was Arthur.

The Sword in the Stone

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