Pendragon Favour

A broken piece of an ancient dragon-ring,


This broken piece of a once-magnificent ring is one of four parts in existence. They were given to the four knights who helped Uther Pendragon retrieve Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake.

The ring itself holds no magical properties, but holds deep symbolic meaning. If the ring is ever given to a man in the Pendragon line, his is bound by honor to reward the favour that was once given. The favour could be almost anything within the power of the Pendragon to give.

The king would probably want this ring reassembled.

Closeup of the ring.
“Ut draco in √¶ternum vive:” is written on the side.

Who has the parts of the ring?

1. One piece was given to Carangeir, who holds it still
2. One piece was given to Ashwin, who died before calling the favour in. The ring was inherited by his brother Sir Mordwin, the Knight of the Rook
3. One piece was given to Brehus, who called the favour in to marry the love of his life. Marion the Hind .
4. One piece was given to Gwanon, who died many years later. The rings inheritance was contested, but in the age of anarchy it was never settled. The ring stayed in the family through Carangeir, who gave it to Branan. Elsweth, Gwanons wife, still claims it is hers.

Pendragon Favour

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