Pendragon Banner

The famous dragon banner brought to Britain by the Pendragons.


The dragon banner that gave Uther Pendragon his name. Pendragon comes from the old names “Ben” and “Draco” and means “Chief Dragon”.

The draco banner is an old roman banner, with a metal dragon head and a red silk-cloth banner flowing in the wind behind it. The Draco banner was in the old times carried by the roman legions and there were many of it’s kind. This particular banner is larger than it’s siblings and the metal head is made of a strange gold-like metal. It is said that it never really stops moving, even if there is no wind.

It is said to possess many magical properties, but no one knows which, if any, of them are actually true.

  • It is said that when carried in battle, the army behind it cannot loose. (This was certainly disproved, since both Uther and Aurelius lost battles with the banner in their ranks.)
  • Some say the banner can be blown like a horn, and that the forces of the underworld spews forth from the mouth of the dragon.
  • Others claim that they saw wounded men rise gain near the banner, fighting for their dying lord before falling to the ground again, taking many more wound than they should.
  • Most say that the banner at the very least could rally men whose bravery had long since faded, but that could probably be attributed to those that led the armies.


The banner itself was brought to Britain by High King Aurelius Ambrosius, also known as “the last roman”. With it he conquered Britain, defeated the usurper Vortigern and drove out many of the barbarians that plagued the island. The story does not say where Aurelius himself got the banner, but most agree he brought it from the continent, probably Rome. Some say that the banner was once carried by Ceasars legion, other that it was carried in a great rebellion gainst ancient forces.

When Aurelius was killed, his brother Uther took the banner, and when Uther was crowned High King of Britain, he took the name Pendragon, after his brothers old banner.

The banner was lost after the battle of St. Albans, where Uther was poisoned.

Pendragon Banner

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