King Uther Pendragon


Born: 436
Died: 495
Son number: 3
Homeland: Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Pendragon, son of King Constantin III
Lord: none
Liege Lord: none
Current Class: King
Current Home: Buried in Stonehenge
Distinctive features: Powerful physique, large beard
Known for: His lustfullness, his energy, his worldliness, his suspicious natuer. His mistrust of Gorlois and the Duke of Lindsey, his trust of Merlin and Ulfius of Silchester. His love for his family and his hate for the saxons.


King Uther Pendragon was the ruler of Logres and member of the Supreme Collegium between 480 and 495. He was also king of Logres, taking on the role after the death of his brother Aurelius Ambrosius.

King Uther died at the infamous feast after the Battle of St Albans. As he died without an heir (except the son which Merlin kidnapped) his crown was left unclaim until 510, when High King Arthur Pendragon was proclaimed king of Logres, and more notably in 512, when he was proclaimed Uther’s heir.


452: Sired Sir Madoc, his bastard son.

480: Crowned King of Logres

485: Led the Battle of Mearcred Creek against King Aele, no-one was proclaimed victor.

486: Reclaimed The Sword of Victory from a lake with the aid of Merlin and several brave knights.

487: Held a great feast in honor of The Sword of Victory.

489: Defeats King Cadwy of Somerset with the aid ofThe Sword of Victory, without a single sword but Excalibur being drawn. King Cadwy simply surrenders.

489:Leads a campaign against Octa and Eosa the saxon kings.

490: Defeats King Octa and his champions Eosa and Eomund.

490: Uther grows furious as Duke Gorlois and his wife Ygraine leaves his castle in the middle of the night, breaking hospitality. All with the aid of Nineve, a Lady of the Lake and a few knights.

491: Went to war with Duke Gorlois over this violation of hospitality. Lost his only son in the battle. Married Lady Ygraine, Gorlois’ wife, a month after the cessation of conflict.

492: Sired a son with Ygraine, who was kidnapped shortly afterwards by Merlin. Sir Carangeir, Sir Gwanon, Sir Branan, Sir Brehus and Sir Cian were put on trial by the king for aiding Merlin and found innocent with the aid of Earl Roderick of Salisbury.

493-494: Uther’s health took a decline following the loss of both his sons. A Lady of the Lake, was called to tend to him.

495: Led the army at the Battle of St Albans from the rear, carried on a horse. Was able to successfully defeat the Saxons, but died along with almost all his nobles at the infamous feast when the wine was poisoned.

King Uther Pendragon

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