Baron Tethyr

The current Baron and lord of Warminster

Player notes:
Baron Tethyr is the ruler and Baron of large lands in and around Salisbury, but he is still a minor Baron. He has performed many ill-deeds and many do not understand why Arthur has accepted his claims. His has captured hostates from Elwain, who were later murdered by his master. He also captured several Elwain in an attempt to get them to swear him loyalty.


Warminster.pngBorn: 460
Son number: 4 (left as heir because his older brothers died)
Homeland: Salisbury
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Warminster
Liege Lord: High King Arthur Pendragon
Lord: Earl Robert of Salisbury
Current Class: Baron and Vavasour to Earl Robert
Current Home: Warminster Castle
Distinctive features: Greyish beard, Concerned eyebrows
Squire: unnamed
Known for: His dishonor, his lack of fealty, his bravery, his honesty.



Baron Tethyr is the offspring of Gregor, and the current ruler of Warminster. He seems to lack his father dishonesty but not his tendency to brake oaths and intrigue to further his goals.


460: Born through the marriage of his father (a man of 50 years) and a new wife of fifteen.

475: Squired.

481: Knighted by his father.

495: Baron Gregor dies in St. Albans. A civil war erupts in Warminster over the power.

497: Becomes the baron of Warminster through right of arms. Swears loyalty to King Idres to become a Baron, since there is no king in Logres to serve. Does not swear loyalty to Lady Ellen.

499: Vagon castle is besiged and defended, but Sir Elad falls to madness and leaves, surrendering the tower. The Baron of Warminster, Sir Tethyr, captures many knights and gives them free leave if they promise to send their first-borns to his lords castles in Britannia. Most do.

507: Almost all of the hostages in the court of King Idres is killed when a failed attempt to free them goes wrong. Many knights from Salisbury looses thier first born kin. Sir Caragyr the Bastard and his younger sister Carine is the only two people released. Baron Tethyr sends an angry messenger to King Idres, not approving of killing the hostages. Idres responds with the head of the messenger and a note saying “Obey.”

508: The Traitors’s Court take place in Warminster, Baron Tethyr captures several of his own vassals of lower loyalty and some knights from Salisbury with family lands in or around Warminster. He forces them all to swear Homage to him or loose their lands. He spares their families and let’s the prisoners go for their ransom. Almost all present agree to the terms and swear Homage apart from one other family of knights. Baron Tethyrs treasure is considerably increased and he gains several new manors and families with fealty and homage.

513: Swears loyalty to High King Arthur Pendragon and Earl Robert of Salisbury. Abandoning his former loyalty to King Idres, who died in the Battle of Terrabil.

Baron Tethyr

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