Earl Robert of Salisbury

The count of Salisbury


Son number: 1
Homeland: Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Gawin
Lord: King Arthur
Current Class: Earl (Count)
Current Home: Castle of the Rock, Sarum
Distinctive features: Pale complexion, emotionless
Squire: Several squires, though in practice they train separately.
Known for: His proudness
Army: 17 echilles (170 knights, 400 footsoldiers, Bodyguard (7 knights, 25 foot soldiers), 200 soldiers for the garrison.

Forms of address

Common: Count or Earl
Personal: Robert (or more polite: Count Robert)
Colloquial name: Salisbury (or more polite: Count Salisbury)
Informal: Count of Salisbury (or more polite: Right Honourable Count of Salisbury)
Formal: The Right Honourable Sir Robert, Count of Salisbury; Baron of Anna’s Water, Baron of the Castle of the Rock, Castle of the Borders, Castle of the Ford of the Roe Deer, Castle of the Kingstown of Hartland, Cockfield, Wildspring and other lands of note.
Optional Suffix: son of Roderick of Salisbury


  • Count of Salisbury, since time immemorial in perpetuity.
  • Electorate, by knights service in perpetuity.
  • Baron of the Castle of the Rock (Salisbury), since time immemorial in perpetuity.
  • Baron of Borders Castle, (Salisbury), in perpetuity.
  • Baron of DuPlain Castle (Salisbury), in perpetuity.
  • Baron of Vagon Castle (Salisbury), in perpetuity.
  • Baron of the Castle at the Ford of the Roe Deer (Thamesmouth), in perpetuity.
  • Baron of Kingstown (Hartland), in perpetuity.
  • Lord of Cockfield (Caercolun), in perpetuity.
  • Lord of Wildmound (Caerwent), in perpetuity.
  • Baron of Anna’s Water (Salisbury), held by barony, for life (Roderick also had this).


Honour of Sorviodunum (Salisbury)

  • Castle of the Rock
  • Castle Borders
  • Castle DuPlain
  • Castle Vagon
  • Vagon Hundred, Salisbury
  • Roedeer Hundred, Salisbury
  • Hillfort Hundred, Salisbury
  • Bran’s Hill Hundred, Salisbury
  • Dovesfield Hundred, Salisbury
  • Underditch Hundred, Salisbury
  • Thorngate Hundred, Salisbury
  • Forest of the Trench (Blakemoor), Salisbury
  • Forest of Gloom (Selwood and Modron), Salisbury
  • Baden’s Mound Hunded, Caercolun
  • Blackstream Hunded, Caercolun
  • Claytown Hunded, Tribuit
  • Ebble Manor, Salisbury
  • Elmstump Hunred, Salisbury

Electorate of Britain (some of this land was lost during Anarchy, but was regained recentl)

  • Alder Hundred, Salisbury
  • Cattlesnake Hundred, Caercolun
  • Kingstown West Hunded, Ascalon
  • Bayford Estate, Hartland
  • Elmbridge Estate and H, Berroc
  • Cockfield, Badens’s Mound, Caercolun

Manor of Anna’s Water (this is Lady Ellen’s land by dowry, but Robert will inherit it upon her death)

  • Anna’s Water Hunded, Salisbury
  • Barehul Hundred, Salisbury
  • Chiefsfield, Chiefsfield H, Salisbury
  • Ash Lodge, Addasdike H, Ascalon
  • Stonehouse, Deepford H., Caerwent
  • Smallfarm, Northcross H., Huntland

Castlery of the Ford of the Roe Deer (Roberts grandmother was a powerful heiress in her own right, these lands were inherited by Roberts father when she died)

  • Castle of the Ford of the Roe Deer
  • Rockstown Hunded, Ascalon
  • Highhome Hundred, Tribuit
  • Little Hill, Parretbank H., Ascalon
  • Byroad, Castletown H., Huntland
  • The Swords, Ringforest H., Jagent
  • Hillsfoot, Wantage H., Rydychan
  • South Barehill Free Manor, South Barehill H., Tintagel
  • Benndon Hills Free Manor, Ascalon
  • Housemen, Closepaddock H., Wuerensis

Castlery of Kingstown (most of this land was lost during Anarchy, Robert wants it back)

  • Kingstown Castle, Hartland
  • Landstrip Hundred, Hartland
  • Midford Hunded, Caerwent
  • Studfold Hundred, Rydychan


  • Westford Hundred, Salisbury
  • Wheelwell Hundred, Salisbury

Earl Robert of Salisbury

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