King Leodegrance

The King of Cameliard

Player notes:
King Leodegrance is the father of Guinevere and one of King Arthur’s strongest supporters. His is also the adoptive father of Lady Marion, and has taken a fleeting interest in her two children, Godwyn and Heledd.

Leodegrance.pngBorn: unknown
Son number: 1
Homeland: Cameliard
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: The heirs of Cameliard’s kingdom
Lord: King Arthur Pendragon
Liege Lord: High King Arthur Pendragon
Current Class: King
Current Home: Cameliard
Distinctive features: Long brown hair, Sad eyes
Squire: Four unnamed squires
Known for:



King Leodegrance was married to a beutiful woman, whos name goes unmention in the story. She died a couple of years ago, to the great sorrow of her husband. Leodegrance has one legitimate child, Guinevere, who is his heir. It is said that he also has at least one illegitimate child who is also a daughter.

At some after Brehus death, King Leodegrance took in Lady Marion as his adopted daughter after her father had fallen mad. Brehus son Godwyn was taken as a page in the court together with his cousin Squire Merwyn, whos father Sir Cian the Pup had disappeared a few years after Brehus. Godwyns twin-sister Heledd, was taken in as a sister-figure to Guinevere, and they grew close over they years.

491: Attended funeral of Prince Madoc and wedding of King Uther Pendragon to Lady Ygraine

492: Attended weddings of Lady Margawse and Lady Elaine to King Lot and King Nentres, respectively.

501: Was visited by several minor knigths from Salisbury, who helped him escort an old friend of Leodegrance to Oxford.

510: Was amongst the first to pledge his allegiance to Arthur after he pulled the Sword in the Stone. Rewarding this, Arthur came to his aid when he was attacked by King Ryons of Norgales

King Leodegrance

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