Baron Gregor of Warminster

Son of Chief Gregorius and former Baron of Warminster.

Player notes:
Baron Gregor is well known in the Elwain family, he tried to take over Elwains lands through intrigue and deceit. He conspired to have Ysgaran captured and to renounce his lands. Although never proven, it is said he had a hand in murdering Ysgarans father, Gaharet, at the knight of the long knives


Warminster.pngBorn: 415
Died: 495
Son number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Warminster
Liege Lord: King Constantin III, King Vortigern and lastly King Uther Pendragon
Lord: Earl Roderick of Salisbury
Current Class: Baron
Current Home: Buried in Warminster Abbey
Distinctive features: White beard, booming laugh
Squire: Held his son Tethyr as a squire
Known for: Proud, Deceitful, Selfish, Worldly



Baron Gregor was one of the men, that had served High King Constantin well and had recieved large tracks of lands as a reward for his actions and deeds. Many of his knights were raised to knighthood and he himself got land and titles. But Gregor was a man of greed and longed for power. Gregor saw his chances, and began working with Vortigern, who they thought could be named High King in the absence of an heir to Constantine. He conspired with Vortigern and hoped to win much on the new alliance. In secret Baron Gregor took part in the conspiracy that cost Constantin’s son Constans his life. Many of the Picts that served as Constans bodyguard was given land or gold as reward for their ill-deeds.

Gregor died in 495, ironically poisoned at the dinner after St. Albans. It is rumoured his last words was “But… how?”. His lands and titles were lost in the anarchy that came after the death of King Uther, but his son Tethyr reclaimed them under the rule of King Idres.

Issues with the Elwain family

Some say he started what became a family feud in the Elwain lineage. His greed over land made him conspire with Vortigern to assasinate Constans, the kings son (and Uther and Ambrosius elder brother.

One of Baron Gregor’s plans was to take control of Gaharet’s lands after the murder of Constans. But Gaharet, wise and quicker than his father, sensed something was amiss and chose to stand behind Vortigern as a new king. This way, Gregor would not be able to touch him or his lands. Gregor did eventually manage to convince Vortigern to not trust Gaharet and his men. It was not as hard as one would think, since Gaharet was an honourable man, if still a pragmatist, and he had a hard time following the dark king Vortigern. When Vortigern’s son Vortimer in 462 raised the banner of an uprising, Gaharet chose to join him against his former king. Gregor, who stayed by the side of Vortigern, managed to manipulate Gaharet to come to the “peace-talks” at Stonehenge. Like so many others from Britain’s nobility, Gaharet died at The Long night of the Knives in 463. A memory that still lingers in the minds of the Elwain tribe.

Years later, when Gaharets son Ysgaran ruled what was left of the Elwain lands. Ysgarans brother Gilbert conspired with Gregor. In exchange for a part of his brothers barony, he would make certain that Gregor would be able to capture Ysgaran before he was able to join Aurelius Ambrosius forces in Bretange. And so it happened, that Ysgaran was hunting in the autumn of 467, surrounded only by a few loyal men led by his second Barnsworth, he was surrounded by Baron Gregor and his Pictish mercenaries. Ysgaran was forced to renounce his remaining lands, which Gregor then gave away to several of his loyal friends and created the banneracy of Wiltshire. Gilbert’s treason was rewarded with several of the farms and the title Banneret knight.


410: Born to Chief Gregorius, a tribal cymric chieftain born from the marriage a cymric warrior and a roman woman.

429: Sent to serve as a warrior under one of King Constantines Generals. It is here he gained Contacts with many pictish mercenaries.

430: Took part in the war and together with many loyal tribal friends managed to make a name for himself, despite his young age.

431: Chief Gregorius dies, and Gregor is named Baron from his deeds in the wars against the barbarians.

432: Marries Atha, a the daughter of a famous cymric chieftain from Jagent. In the years that follow, she gives him 3 sons.

443: Secretly takes part in conspiring to kill Constans, the heir of Constantine. Provides several of the “loyal” pictish mercenaries, who murder the prince at the the order of Vortigern.

452-456: All three of Gregors young sons dies during three long years of battles with barbarians.

460: Has a fourth son at the age of 50, together with a new young wife Colleen.

463: Takes part in secret in the assassinations of many lords of Britain during the night of long knives.

467: Through the manipulation of Sir GIlbert, Ysgarans brother, he manages too capture Ysgaran when he is out hunting. He forces Ysgaran to denounce his title and lands.

491: Attended funeral of Prince Madoc and wedding of King Uther Pendragon to Lady Ygraine

492: Attended weddings of Lady Margawse and Lady Elaine to King Lot and King Nentres, respectively.

495: Dies 85 years old, by saxon poison at the infamous feast after the Battle of St. Albans.

Baron Gregor of Warminster

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