Lord Carangeir of Tisbury

First son of Ysgaran. An old-school pagan legend.


Glory achieved

23469 Glory


Carangeir.pngBorn: 465
Son number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury,Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Elwain
Liege Lord: Earl Robert
Current Class: Vassal Knight, head of the Elwain family
Current Home: Dinton
Distinctive features:
Furry, gaunt, bad scars

Forms of address

Common: Lord
Personal: Carangeir (or more polite: Lord Carangeir)
Colloquial name: Tisbury (or more polite: Lord Tisbury)
Informal: Vavasour of Tisbury (or more polite: Lord Vavasour of Tisbury)
Formal: Knight of the Table Round, Lord Vavasour of the Tisbury Estate to the Count Salisbury, Lord of Springcreek manor. Lord of Estercourt manor. Heir to the crown of Elwain since time immemorial.
Optional Suffix: Heir to Elwain

Notable possessions

Current entourage

Lady Gwynned
Lady Ellen of Elwain (deceased)
Lady Bethany

Brewin, son of Sir Mordwin, knight of the Rook


Known for

Carangeir the Pagan is known for being incredibly Lustfull, for his Energetic and Generous nature, always being Honest and his peerless Valour.
He is also known for his Fealty to Earl Robert, his Love for his family, his Hospitality and Honor, and his Adoration for Lady Guinivere



“We will not go gently into the night, we men of Elwynns seed”

Milestones and notable events in life

465 – 478: Born the eldest son of Sir Ysgaran and raised in his household

479: Appointed squire to Sir Amig

480: Sir Ysgaran, his father, is declared dead by Sir Gilbert.

485: Knighted by Earl Roderick of Salisbury and was granted the Burcomb Manor to hold under the Earl.

485: Fought in the Battle of Mearcred Creek

486: Bested the 3-eyed giant and took part in The Adventure of the Sword Lake where he and his brothers helped King Uther Pendragon recover the sword of peace, Excalibur.

488: The Hunt for the Water Leapers, where Carangeir and his kin encountered the Knight of the Basilisk for the first time.

488: Witnessed the wedding of Sir Egan and Lady Nia at the Golden Tower estate belonging to Sir Germaine, father to Lady Marion.

489: Burcomb Manor is attacked by mad ghosts, but they are fended off.

489: The Adventure of the Sword of Peace, where the army of the Duke of Cornwall yields to King Uther Pendragon after he displays the Sword of Peace.

489: Marries Lady Gwynedd, but she dies during childbirth.

490: Fought and led an eschille in the Battle of Lindsey, where Sir Carangeir and Sir Brehus took King Octas banner.

490: The Adventure of the Prisoner of Courtesy, where Duke Gorlois violates King Uther Pendragons hospitality by running away in the night.

491: The Battle of Terrabil, where Duke Gorlois slays Prince Madoc but is in turn slain by Sir Gwanon. Sir Carangeir is first through the gates of Terrabil.

491: Witnessed the burial of Prince Madoc and the wedding between King Uther and Queen Ygraine.

492: Was deceived into helping Merlin abduct the newborn child of King Uther and Queen Ygraine, stood accused in the Treason Trial but was not convicted. Became one of the Knights who Condemned Merlin.

492: Married Lady Ellen, a strong pagan lady who gave him many children.

493: Fought in the Skirmish of Tresmorne.

493: Met the guardian beast for the first time.

494: Led an embassy to Estregales and witnessed the murder of King Canan by poison. Fought and preserved the honor of the falsely accused.

495: Fought and led an eschille in the Battle of St Albans.

495: Survived the Infamous Feast, where almost all of the upper nobility in the country was poisoned at the victory feast after the battle. Witnessed the last dying moments of King Uther Pendragon and the burial of King Uther and Earl Roderick.

497: The Elven Tower, where Carangeir and his kin explored the ruins of a tower with a connection to the Faerie and defeated a redcap.

498: Escorted Merlin, the Archdruid leaves the Islands.

498: Tried and failed to pull the Sword in the Stone and Anvil.

499: The Siege of Vagon, where Sir Carangeir and companions successfully defends Vagon until Sir Elad surrenders to Sir Tethyr.

500: Took part in the Siege at Badbury Castle.

500: The Adventure of Finding Avalon, where Carangeir and his companions went in search for Avalon, and met Lady Nineve who helped in the endeavor to recover Gwyddinn ab Nudds weapons by giving Sir Mordwin a rook.

501: Defeated king Nanteleod in a duel and was a guest at his feast.

501: Dinner with King Leodegrance, accepted the task of guiding Pertoines to Oxford.

501: Defeated an elephant in Sauvage Forest, found the ancient burial site and entered the otherworld to compete for Gwyddion Ab Nudds weapons. Also ghosts.

503: The Adventure of the Crown of Elwain, where Sir Carangeir and his companions defeats the Guardian Beast, enters Faerie and rescues Sir Ysgaran from torture in the Iron Castle. Took part in the Fought and led an eschille in the Battle of the Plains of the Stars and helped defeat the Iron King. It is here that Sir Carangeir recovers the Iron Crown of Elwain and returns it to the mortal world.

505: Fought and led an eschille in the Battle of Levcomagus, the Battle of Royston in Hertford and the Battle of Hertford. In the Battle of Hertford, Sir Carangeir leads a mighty charge through the enemy ranks and into their camp, and also slays King Aethelswith.

505: Sir Carangeir takes on Robert, future Earl of Salisbury, as a squire.

506: During a quest to release Sir Germaine, Lady Marions farther, they encountered the wild hunt and it almost kills Sir Carangeir.

508: The Adventure of Finding Pellinore, where Sir Carangeir and his companions desperately try to find King Pellinore before a battle against the Saxons. They succeed, witness Prince Mark of Cornwall trying to convince Queen Ygraine that he has found her lost child while at Amesbury Abbey, and bring King Pellinore back to the army in time for the Battle of Netley Marsh.

508: Fought and led an eschille in the Battle of Netley Marsh.

509: Unhorsed the Brown Knight of the Wilds as he was challenging travelers who wished to cross a stream.

509-510: Took part in the Tourney in Londinium, unhorsed 3 knights.

509-510: The Adventure of the Sword in the Stone, witnessing the young squire Arthur as he pulls the sword from the stone and anvil. Is one of the 100 knights chosen by the 10 first knights to guard the sword and stone until squire Arthur can prove it again. Swears fealty to Arthur the second time he draws the sword.

510: Witnessing the crowning of King Arthur, and is present in Carleon when he is crowned High King by the Supreme Collegium.

510: Fought and led an eschille in the Battle of Carleon.

510: Travels to the continent and convinces Bann and Bors to come and aid the king against the rebels.

510: Fought and led an eschille in the Battle of Bedegrain.

510: Fought and led an eschille in the Battle of Carohase, where Sir Barnsworth dies while protecting Sir Carangeirs life.

511: Hosts Queen Margawse at Winterbourne Earls before she visits Londinium.

511: Hosts a feast for the whole of the Elwain family, during this feast and family court Sir Carangeir is appointed head of the Elwain Family.

512: Fought in the Battle of Bassus River, where Sir Carangeir captures Prince Galegantis and is rewarded by King Arthur with a promise of aid to reclaim his ancestral lands.

513: Fought in the Battle of Terrabil during both battles.

514: Participated in the Siege of Vagon, where he led the charge through the outer gates, led the infiltration of the fort and defeated Sir Elad the Mad.

514: Guest at King Arthurs wedding in Carleon, where he sat at the high table. Defeated 3 knights from Malahaut during the Grand Melee.

514: Became one of the Knights of the Round Table.

514: Married Lady Bethany from Sommerland

Lord Carangeir of Tisbury

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