Sir Caragyr the Rabid Dog

Carangeir's bastard elder son.

6009 Glory


Caragyr.pngBorn: 484
Son number: (1)
Homeland: Salisbury
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Elwain
Liege Lord: Earl Robert of Salisbury
Current Class: Hosehold Knight
Current Home: Sailsbury
Distinctive features: Furry with deep set eyes. A broken nose never straightened and a face scar.
Squire: Clegis
Known for: Caragyr the Rabid Dog is known for being Valorous beyond doubt and for the burning Cruelty that lives inside him.

Common: Sir
Personal: Caragyr (or more polite: Sir Caragyr)
Colloquial name: Bachelor
Informal: Knight Bachelor Caragyr
Formal: Sir Caragyr Knight Bachelor to Count Salisbury
Optional Suffix: the Rabid Dog, the Bastard, le Chien Enragé

Current entourage




Being the Bastard son of Lord Carangeir of Tisbury cast it’s heavy shadow on Caragyr.
Born as the first son, but outside proper marriage, to the famous warrior Carangeir of Tisbury would early on shape the nature and mindset of Caragyr. Being constantly reminded from childhood what it means to be a bastard. The life in shadows of the siblings, born in proper marriage, that awaited took it’s heavy toll.

Being traded to Brittany as a part of his fathers deal lighted a fire in the young boy that would later turn into fully bloomed hatred aimed at his father.
Returning to Salisbury after some eventful years placed him in front of Lady Ellen of Salisbury. Being given knighthood and sworn to the Lady has given Caragyr an oppotunity to both seek revenge upon his father for sending him away so easily. Also to help his sister Lady Carine as he learns of her being placed into the care of a monastery order.

Notable events in life

Fought in the Battle of Battle of Netley Marsh in the year 508.
Fought in the Battle of Carleon in the year 510.
Fought in the Battle of Bedegrain in the year 510.
Fought in the Battle of Carohase in the year 510.

Sir Caragyr the Rabid Dog

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