Brown Knight of the Wilds

Le Chevalier Brun des Terres Sauvages



Brown-Knight-of-the-Wilds.pngBorn: unknown
Son number: unknown
Homeland: unknown
Culture: unknown
Lineage: unknown
Lord: unknown
Liege Lord: unknown
Current Class: Knight
Current Home: unknown
Distinctive features: unknown
Squire: unknown
Known for: unknown

A most unusual knight, he is known only by his colourful appellation, so-called for his brown lacquered armor and unfinished wood shield with a single twig pinned to the front. He appeared at Arthur’s court in 512, saying, “I have heard your ideas of honour among men, and I have come to see if this is a court where such things are only spoken about, or if they are acted upon.”


Brown Knight of the Wilds

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