Lady Brangwen


Born: 485
Daughter number: 7
Homeland: Salisbury, in a shed in Campacorentin forest
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Commoner
Lord: Sir Caragyr
Current Class: Priestess (pagan), commoner
Current Home: Entourage of Sir Caragyr
Distinctive features: Facial paint, pale skin, smells of fertility
Known for: Her lustfulness, her deceitful nature and her love for the goddess.

Something has come alive in the young priestess after spending the night with Sir Caragyr in the bed of her then lord. There she brought him from the depths of madness, and into the world again.

Her ambition has grown and her back has straightened. She seems to realize, that the simple life as a priestess is not enough. She can go places.


Lady Brangwen

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