Sir Balin the Savage, Knight of two Swords

The knight who received the kings ire after having killed lady Nineve at his court.

Player notes:
Sir Balin is the knight who drew the sword from a strange ladies belt and refused to give it back. He later chopped the head of Lady Nineve at Arthurs own court. He is currently sought after by the King himself after having killed Sir Lanceor, the best knight in Britain, and his beloved girl Colomb. Rumour has it he died in 515.


Balin.pngBorn: unknown
Death: 515
Son number: 2
Homeland: unknown
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Brother of Balan
Lord: unknown
Current Class: Knight
Current Home: unknown
Distinctive features: Two swords




  • Drew the sword from the Lady with the Sword. When he refuses to return it, she curses him claiming that he will kill the one he loves the most. He shakes it of.
  • Later he kills Lady Nineve, claiming that she had killed his mother and ensorced many knights. Arthur is furious and promises to send his knights after Balin and banishes him from the court .
  • During the escape, Balin encounters Sir Lanceor and his beloved and kills him. Her lover throws herself on her sword when she realises Balin has killed Lanceor.


  • Fought with his brother in Battle of Terrabil, fought and killed hundreds of enemies by attacking from the flank. Turning the tide of the battle. Captured King Ryons and handed him in chains to Arthur.


  • Rumours from Merlins travels to the north claims that Balin has died. As well as his brother.

Sir Balin the Savage, Knight of two Swords

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