High King Aurelius Ambrosius

Second son to Constantine. Brought the Dragon Banner to Britain.

Player notes:
High King Aurelius Ambrosius (or Aurlianus Ambrosius as he is known amongst romans) was the last High King of Britain before Arthurs. He was the younger brother of Constans. Ysgaran, Sir Cynrain and Sir Nidian followed Aurelius Ambrosius in his effort to defeat Vortigern.

Ambrosius.pngBorn: 425
Crowned: 468, after the Battle of Snowdon where Vortigern was killed
Death: 480. at the Battle of Salisbury
Son number: 2
Homeland: Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Pendragon
Lord: none
Liege Lord: none
Current Class: High King
Current Home: Buried at Stonehenge
Distinctive features: Angular jaw



Aurelius Ambrosius was the second son of King Constantin III. He came from the continent with an army and the famous Dragon Banner to wipe out the barbarians plaguing Britain and to handle the usurper Vortigern, who had taken the throne after Ambrosius elder brother Constans was murdered. Aureius defeated Vortigern in 468 at the Battle of Snowden together with his brother King Uther Pendragon. Aurelius was chosen as High King soon thereafter.


466: Aurelius Ambrosius, son of the former King Constantin and brother of Constans, lands in Hampshire with an army from Brittany. He carries a great banner with a red dragon upon it. All across the land, discontented nobles muster their armies and join him. Vortigern seeks to escape, but his Saxon allies go back home to Kent, and many other allies desert him. After besieging a portion of Vortigern’s army at Carlion, Aurelius Ambrosius marches through the entire island, accepting the submission of those loyal to Vortigern.

468: Aurelius Ambrosius and his army pursue the evil Vortigern and besiege him in his new castle on Mount Snowdon. A battle ensues, at which Vortigern is killed and his army scattered. Aurelius Ambrosius summons the High Council, and they elect him High King. He takes the title of Pendragon (“high dragon” or “head dragon”), derived from his great battle banner.

473: The Saxons, confident of victory, march into the Thames Valley. King Aurelius Ambrosius raises an army to resist, but loses the battle in a major Saxon victory.

477: Another Saxon king, Ælle,lands in southern Britain with a large army and takes over the area. Many of the peasants flee, but others are captured and enslaved. Ælle renames the land South Saxony, or Sussex. Aurelius Ambrosius marches with his army to oppose the foe, who is reinforced at the last moment by the Saxons from Kent. Ambrosius is lucky to escape with his army. The Saxons remain.

478: For years, Aurelius Ambrosius has been building a fleet of ships in the ports of his western lands. In this year, he musters his army and sets sail, sweeping around the southern coast, where he destroys the fleets of the Saxons in Britain. Then he sails to the Continent, destroying all the hostile shipping as he goes. The British army lands in Frisia, doing great damage to the Saxons there, and winning a battle against the barbarians. The Saxons in Britain begin vicious raiding in retaliation.

480: An army of Saxons sails up the Port River into Salisbury. While planning for the battle, Aurelius Ambrosius is poisoned by a false doctor. Despite his illness, Ambrosius marches with Uther against the enemy, whom they meet at Menevia. Ambrosius confronts the foe while Uther takes his army around to the Saxons’ rear and cuts them off from their ships, attacking them with great vigour. It is a great victory for the British, but Ambrosius is killed in the fighting.

High King Aurelius Ambrosius

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