High King Arthur Pendragon



Arthur.pngBorn: 492
Crowned: 510
Elected High King: 512
Homeland: Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Pendragon
Lord: None but the lord himself
Liege Lord: None but the lord himself
Current Class: High King
Current Home: Carlion
Distinctive features: Piercing eyes, Straight back



The sword in the stone

During the New Year Tournament between 509 and 510 Sir Kay managed to lock himself inside a building and loose his sword, the squire Arthur is sent out to look for a new sword for his master so that he can get out and join the brave knights in the tournament. Squire Arthur finds a sword sitting jammed in an anvil. He pulls it out without effort and several commoners notice and rush to fetch the knights fighting in the tournament, knowing what it means when someone pulls the sword. Chaos ensues as Sir Kay has gotten out from his predicament and he first tries to claim that the sword was pulled out by himself, but quickly relents and admits it was Arthur who did it. As hundreds of knights from the tournament apprears, Arthur is forced to put the sword back and draw it once more. Most of the greater barons and outland kings express similar astonishment and disbelief, but many lesser noblemen swear loyalty instantly. Amongst these are King Leodegrance, Sir Ector, Sir Kay, Sir Hervis de Revel, Lanceor of Estragales, Sir Brastias, Sir Edward, the Broken Bulwark, Sir Mordwin, the Knight of the Rook and Sir Germaine and many more…

Several of the norther lords and barons curse and spit at Artur, most notably King Lot of Lothain who departs shortly after.

Before trouble broke out, Merlin and Dubricus calmed the crowd, announcing that they would hold another contest, with anyone who wishes to try to pull the sword having a turn. They order the word be sent out by all means possible to everyone to meet again at Candlemas.

Merlin and Dubricus then choose the ten best and most honorable knights present to set a continual watch over the sword and the stone until Candlemas. Each of
those ten then chose ten more knights to stand guard with him.

The ten knight chosen to stand guard was: Sir Brastias, Sir Ector, Sir Kay, Sir Cador of Cornwall, Sir Edward, the Broken Bulwark, Sir Branan, Sir Hervis de Revel, Sir Mordwin, the Knight of the Rook, Sir Floridas and Sir Lanceor of Estragales.

In the coming months Arthur draws the sword time and time again and more and more lords and barons swear him fealty and homage. In the end, even the commoners join the chanting and even the sceptics are forced to join and swear fealty. The last men refusing to serve travel north and begin what will become the rebellion. At May the 1st, during Pentecost. Arthurs is crowned King of Logres.


492: Born from the union of King Uther Pendragon and Queen Ygraine.

492: Taken away from the castle by none other than Merlin. The knigths responsible for stopping the pursuing Sir Brastias are tried but let go thanks to the intervention of Earl Roderick of Salisbury

493-510: Raised and trained together with Sir Kay by Sir Ector, who is seemingly unaware of who the boy is.


  • Pulls the sword from the stone, is dubbed knight by Sir Branan and is crowned king of Logres by Dubricus.
  • At May the 1st, during Pentecost. Arthur is crowned King of Logres.
  • At May 10th he is elected High King of Britain by the Supreme Collegium in Carlion-on-Usk.
  • At May 10th he defeats King Lot in Battle of Carleon, King Lot horns the retreats and withdraws.
  • In July he one again defeats King Lot in Battle of Bedegrain with the aid of King Ban and Bors from Ganis and Brittany who comes to his aid at the last minute.
  • In late August Arthur rallies his most loyal men and marches his armies to the aid of King Leodegrance who has been besieged by King Ryons. Together they defeat Ryons at Battle of Carohase. Ryons retreats back to the forests.

511: Arthur holds court in Carlion, where many knights are inspired by his talks of chivalry and honor.


  • Refuses the Roman dignitaries that demand that Arthur swears fealty to the Roman empire.
  • During dinner one night, The old queen Ygrain joins the dinner. And Merlin tells the court that Arthur is her son. Whe she crying backs up Merlins story, the court agrees that Arthurs is the son of King Uther Pendragon.
  • In march Arthur sneaks out of the court to defeat a mysterious knight challenging all passing knighs neara fountain. He is defeated by the knight, who turns out to be Pellinore, who is taking a brake from hunting the Questing Beast. During the fight, his sword brakes.
  • After his sword has broken he retrieves the sword of victory from the Ladies of the Lake.
  • Arthur orders his knights to pursue the knight of two swords, after he has killed Lady Nineve in the court.
  • Arthur defeats The Centurion King at Battle of Bassus River
  • Arthur pays the ransom of Prince Galegantis of Garloth after he has been captured by Lord Carangeir of Tisbury. In return Arthur promises to help Carangeir return his ancient lands to his own.


  • Arthur defeats 12 rebel kings at Battle of Terrabil. He enacts a tomb at the site of the battle, lighting a fire for each king killed.

High King Arthur Pendragon

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