A tale of Blood and Honour

Year 514

Wind, filled with blood and smoke

Time for Revenge

The Elwain family is currently at Lord Tisbury‘s manor of Dinton. among them are the Lord himself, his steward Merwyn and his household knight Sir Garlon. Lord Tisbury could be seen from his manor above looking down at Sir Merwyn greeting Sir Godwyn and his Squire Clud at the entrance to the yard. Not long after Godwyns had arrived, another small group of knights come riding towards the manor. Sir Floridas the Pict and Sir Bledri the Drunkard they recognized but there was one knight that was unknown to them. In to the great hall of Dinton they all went and had a modest feast. During the feast, Sir Merwyn did not fully understand Bledri’s widely known reputation for his excessive drinking and they got extremely drunk together. The morning after Sir Floridas and the other still somewhat unknown knight left Dinton. They did not have time to rest much that day before Sir Leo came riding at a fast pace. He informed that the Earl was making himself ready for war and marched on Vagon Castle. The Earl had requested every knight in service to Lord Carangeir to come, as well as Lord Carangeir himself.

The ride towards Vagon Castle was long, many shared a similar hate against sir Lord Elad the Mad. But none shared it as much as Lord Amig and Lord Carangeir, the pagan. They saw the camp from miles away. A large camp consisting of over a hundred knights. Lord Carangeir forced his way forward towards the commanders table. Sir Lupinus had somehow gotten hold on ancient maps of Vagon Castle, maybe from Oxford but they where certainly not from Sarum. Sir Edward, the Broken Bulwark, standing has his elbows on the table trying to make up and down of the map with Sir Lycus, The Demon from Salisbury next to him. Lord Carion of Upavon, Baron Tethyr and some of Tethyr’s knights was there as well. Large masses of picts where converging towards the camp. Picts that where mercenaries from the North, financed by Sir Edward alone, an army of over two hundred strong. Earl Robert informed the knights that Lady Eleri had been captured by Lord Elad and was presumably held captive inside Vagon Castle. At the night the battle starts and Earl Robert wants volunteers to do the job, Godwyn and Merwyn step forward to lead the assaults on the walls with Edward and Lycus. Sir Caragyr the Rabid Dog arrived just in time for battle to begin. And so the Assault on Vagon Castle took place.

The aftermath of the battle left a sour taste. Sir Edward and Lord Amig was dead, two of the most feared knights for any enemy of Salisbury. The Earl ordered some trusted knights to follow him, Lord Tisbury with his household knights, Sir Merwyn, Sir Garlon and his nephew Sir Godwyn. They reached a nearby village that had been “liberated” by Baron Tethyr’s forces. From the manor came the captives that where Sir Edwards children and Lady Eleri too. Lady Eleri ran towards her two grandchildren Sir Godwyn and sir Merwyn. The three hugged each other and was relived for it all to be over. After some investigation they found that Sir Edward had lost two children to Lord Elad’s son Sir Morbrec.


Back at Dinton the knights tried to rest before their long journey towards Carleon. Inside the laid Sir Caragyr, he had earlier been left alone by the wise Gwerfellin. He was in a state of melancholy. As his tears ran down his cheeks, Brangwen entered his naked as the day she was born. Filled with the presence of the goddess, Brangwen and Caragyr made love in Lord Carangeirs bed. After that Sir Caragyr felt whole again. After a month at Dinton the knights prepared to tend to High King Arthur Pendragons marriage to Princess Guinevere. They meet up with Lady Eleri, Lady Carine and Maid Heledd along the way towards Carleon.

As they rode up along the road they got an anonymous invention sent to them. It was a for a feast that was held nearby. The knights chose to attend the feast and was surprised to find Queen Morgan of Gorre and Sir Accolon. During the feast something magical happened to Sir Merwyn who’s appearance was made better. The three knights Sir Caragyr, Sir Godwyn and Sir Merwyn was flirted with during the feast. All except Lord Tisbury, who was left with jealousy but realized that he was in fact in love with this women.



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