A tale of Blood and Honour

The Pagan falls

How Sir Carangeir turned from the pagan path.

“I do not see it as an order. My gods are gods of action. They see what men do, and judge them for their deeds. You, my king, I serve out of love. And for that, because of you being my king and a good king, I am willing to place you above my love of the Goddess. For you, I will forsake my pride.”

What have I done?
The words ring in my ears like steel on steel in a blacksmiths forge.

What have I done?
I have sworn to forsake my love of the Goddess for my love of my King.

What have I done?
I was faced with a battlement steeper than any I have climbed, wider than any field I have charged across. And I charged like a young man.

What have I done?
I have thrown my very name behind me, by my own choice, just to honor my king.

What have I done?
I have bowed my head and cast it all aside. The pride that marked me for 30 years a knight. And I am both grateful and humbled.

And he takes the oath

“I swear, by the honor done me by my lord Arthur and the Table Round,”

As I swear this oath, I finally can see a new dawn.

”to never commit violence without good purpose,”

I will serve you, my king, to my death and beyond, for you have renewed the hope in me.

”to shun all murder and treason, and to give mercy where it is asked.”

I have lived through your fathers time, and through bloody anarchy.

”I swear, upon pain of death, to always protect ladies, gentlewomen, damsels, and widows."

I have acted selfishly, and prideful, and it has not been right.

”I promise to never fight for an unjust cause, and to never fight for personal gain."

For your ideals, not my pride.
For your honor, not my hubris.
Not to gain, but to prevent loss and pain.
For your kingdom, and our lives, in a new time, for ever.


Great story!

The Pagan falls

This was great! Your best story so far!

I especially liked the addition of music and that you could follow his chain of thought. This really shows how Arthur changes people.

The Pagan falls

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