A tale of Blood and Honour

Sir Merwyn and the messengers

The war drums again beat to the rythm of the heart of Elwain.

Through the early morning mist, Sir Merwyn made his way across the courtyard of the Tisbury Manor and headed to morning mass. The solace within the chapel offered a refuge from the chaotic world outside and the mass concluded after the communion and Sir Merwyn strode out, energized by the connection to the Holy Spirit and found that the air outside was fresh and alive with the new day. The mist had vanished and in its place the morning sun blazed the land in a crimson flood light that danced across the valley and river that snaked through the landscape.
A feeling of joy, bliss to be part of this blessed world, so ripe with the face of the Almighty, filled Merwyn as he just admired the land, disturbed only by the sound of galloping hooves that drummed their eerie message of urgency across the fields, his suspicious gaze quickly spotted the two horsemen that closed in on the manor. At the gate, Merwyn met up with the knight and his squire, the message that Sir Leo was conveying was loud and clear; war had yet fallen upon the lands and the liege, Sir Robert the earl of Salisbury mustered his knights to meet with him at Vagon castle.
A morning that started in harmony with the Lord was soon to turn into a dark, bloody bridge to the gates of Hell. Elad the Mad had taken members of the Elwain family hostage at Vagon castle, and refused to reason for their release. His purpose with the captives was highly unclear and one can only fathom what the highly disturbed mind of Elad was contemplating to do with his hostages. Earl Robert finally called to arms and now, the name of Elwain would again be baptized in blood and glory…



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