A tale of Blood and Honour

Sir Godwyns Quest

To find the greatest bard on the isle's.

How Sir Godwyn tried to find the greastest bard in the Isles, and how he was struck down by Sir Tomos squire.

Sir Godwyn’s legs moved at an incredible speed. He felt like a child again, running around the castle on a quest. His Squire Clud had a hard time keeping pace with Godwyn and would often fall behind when trying to control all the different things he carried for his lord. Finally Sir Godwyn almost breaking down the door, tumbles into a room filled with ladies. “Crap, how could I be this foolish?” The ladies are as shocked as Godwyn when their eyes meet, and Godwyn quickly straighten himself and bow to them in the doorway. Queen Morgan raises from the many ladies sitting and gossiping together and walks slowly toward Godwyn as he bows yet again.

Godwyn ask the Queen for her assistance in finding the best bard on the isles. She agrees to ask her ladies but she ask for a favor in return. Godwyn was tasked with escorting the Queen’s maid-in-waiting, Ceri and he also had to leave Clud behind. Godwyn reluctantly agreed to her terms and set of to escort the young maid.

Not taking any risks, Godwyn takes the long route to the destination just outside of town. Darkness soon falls and Godwyn guides the horse which the maid rides on and holds a torch in hand with the other hand. Soon they reach a pavilion standing quite remotely and far from any other people nearby. This was the destination the maid wanted to get to and she wished to speak with the knight inside it. Outside stands a young squire who draws his sword when Ceri and Godwyn appear in his sight. Godwyn tries to order the squire to stand down who soon falls upon the knight and the maid with his sword. Here Godwyn fends with the squire for quite some time and the maid slips into the pavilion just as the squires buries his sword into Godwyns leg and he falls unconscious.

The morning after, Godwyn was woken by the squire who seemed troubled. The Maid and his lord had disappeared the night before and where nowhere to be found. The squire named Tristram tried to apologize for his behavior and Godwyn forgave him. Tristam then helped Godwyn back into the city and Godwyn reported this to Queen Morgan who seemed happy about how it went overall. She returned Clud to him and a suggestion on who she and her maidens thought was the greatest bard on the isles, Neara.

Godwyn found Neara and dragged him all the way to High King Arthur’s chamber. There Arthur listened to Nearas song, and then claimed Neara to be great but not the best bard on the isles. High King Arthur said that it was an honorable deed but his quest was not over.



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