A tale of Blood and Honour

The Merchant adventure

Meeting the knight-hating merchant.

The encounter with the hateful merchant, and Godwyns refusal to work with him for richness.

The hateful merchant spat towards Sir Godwyn but it landed nowhere near him. “All of you infectious guts-griping hedge-pig knights! You are all idiots, I hope you sir will die and go to hell” screamed the merchant as he rode away with his caravan on the snow clad ground. Godwyn feelt his squire, Clud look at him from behind, so he turned to face him. “Is there something you wish to say Clud?” Godwyn tried to look serious but was not so bothered with the hateful merchants curses.
-“Mi lord, wi de’d u’ refus di mych’nts yfer, yt wis e fo’thun!” Clud almost seemed angry that Godwyn had refused the merchants offer of 8£ to work for him for one single day.
-“You see Clud, being a chivalrous knight is not about riches, it is about virtue. Without virtue I’am no stronger then a simple wooden branch and I will break easy if someone wish to bend me.” he answered and looked towards the Brown Knight of the Wilds. The Brown Knight seemed pleased with what Sir Godwyn just did but it was hard to tell as The Brown Knight never talked to Godwyn unless it was important. I knew that the merchant had malicious intent but I know nothing on what I should do now. He thought for himself. The Brown Knight began to ride onward towards the swamp again, still determined to find the Knight of the Basilisk. It is time to move on he thought or I will lose The Brown Knight… He wont wait for me. Godwyn thought. “Come now Clud, we must hurry. When spring comes I will teach you how to ride a horse properly.”
-“Ies mi lord” Clud’s answer was fast enough.
As they rode down the icy and cold road, Godwyn started thinking about his “sister”, Princess Guinevere. It allways made him feel warm during these cold winter days, he longed to meet her again.


Great! I can’t wait to follow this story through the years! :D

The Merchant adventure

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