A tale of Blood and Honour

The Long Road

Questing with the Brown Knight of the Wilds

Godwyn realizes the hardship of taking a commoner as a squire.

Clud sat uneasy on a log that laid next to the campfire they had made. Clud was spying on the Knight of the Wilds from afar. He had completely blanked out and did not listen at all to Sir Godwyn who tried to teach him how to raise a pavilion. Sir Godwyn had almost halfway raised it himself before he turned around to watch his squire with a finger halfway up his nose. With a loud sigh, Sir Godwyn turned around and walked to take a seat on the log next to him. Clud woke from his almost trance like state and realized that he had not been paying attention as he was supposed to do.

“I’em sor’i mi lord.” His words did not sound sincere but Godwyn smiled nonetheless towards him.
“Well you know, this will be your big trail in life, how far you go and what you accomplish.” Godwyn saw that Clud still had no idea what he tried to say to him. Godwyn sat quite and thought it threw over and over again. Had I made a bad decision or will this.. be the death of me? his own words made his stomach crumble. Mostly because the boy did not really know how to make a proper meal and it was the squires job to do so.
“Mi lord, U’uld elvys tri en’t tok t’o di min tiet whyrs di br’wn” The boy look at Godwyn with his very special smile. Godwyn looked back at him thinking, By God what trail is this? Admitting the truth, Godwyn heard none of what he said. Instead he stood up.

“We don’t have time to do that, now rise and I must teach you how to raise this pavilion before darkness falls.” Godwyn sounded determined and Clud tried to work out what he should do to help.
Godwyn had never seen a person taking four hours to raise a pavilion before. Well at least he did not damage it or anything. was Godwyn’s thought as he tried to reassure himself. The pavilion was finally up only three hours and fifty five minutes after the brown knights.



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