A tale of Blood and Honour

Unrequited love

The masked woman

The story of when Godwyn gets seduced by a courtesan

Sir Godwyn shifted uneasy on the bench, he could not feel comfortable at all and he had no one to talk to. He glanced to his sister, Heledd. She looks pretty tonight. He felt nervous when alone with the strangers that sat all around him. They where all locked in conversations he cared little about. His eyes landed on Sir Gawaine. I wonder if Heledd would like him as her husband? He let out a small sigh. I wonder if drinking would help me right now? Godwyn looked into the mug of wine he had and suddenly felt a wave of disgust and then placed it back onto the table.

It was then he felt a hand on his shoulder, it was soft and warm. Is that a girls hand? He turned around and stared into the eyes of a young girl with a mask on. He froze as he saw her and he felt something inside him he never felt before. Her almond-shaped dark eyes penetrated Godwyns skin and her lips where red and luscious. And her dark and long hair looked healthy and strong. She said nothing but took his hand into hers and she pulled him away from the table and together they left the feast.


It was completely unorthodox for Godwyn to leave a feast in this manner and none could comprehend over what just happened. He sat there one second and was gone the next, much to Sir Caragyr’s frustration as he came to talk to the young knight.

She took him to a house not far away from the feast and she threw him down onto the bed in one of the rooms. Godwyn was smitten by her very attractive aura, like spellbound by the devil himself. They spent the entire night making love.

At sunrise Godwyn had yet to fall asleep. He could not deny that what he felt that night was one of the best times of his life but he could not bare himself to think about it. The images gave him a severe headache, as if it was inner turmoil. Godwyn sat up, and then looked at the girl sleeping naked next to him. She looked so peaceful in bed. His hand reached out to caress her face but stopped halfway. Better not touch her, I don’t love her! He grabbed his clothes and began to sneak out, not to wake her.

As he closed the door behind him to her room he saw Brewin sleeping in the hallway. Brewin woke as Godwyn left the room and immediately stood up. They both looked at each other before both blushing and averted their eyes to the small but very fat lady that came walking with heavy steps. She walked up to Godwyn and slapped her hand into his naked flat stomach. “20 denarii’s” she said with her rough voice and held her hand open in front of him. Godwyn Gasped in total shock. Was she simple whore? That meant nothing to her? Godwyn thought as he looked back at the closed door.

-“Okay woman you shall have them” Godwyn told the woman and looked disappointed. Squire Brewin gave her the money and she happily left them.

Godwyn hastily put on some of his clothes before leaning in closer to Brewin, and told him with a low but very firm voice “Not a word.”
They both left the high-end brothel in silence.


You best story as of yet! :D

I was so amused when you fumbled!

Unrequited love

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